A too short a visit…

No lie ins was a consistant pattern to my all too brief visit to Melbourne.

Taking the early flight from perth meant getting up at 4am, but fortunately  managed to grab half an hours sleep on the plane. Luggage and the citylink bus all ran like clockwork so I was in my hotel less than an hour after touchdown.

Had to turn down Havocks kind offer of lunch as I needed to check in and get scalped.

Rocked up to the state library and poked around a great exhibition about the printed word in Victoria since the colony began, before getting a great speed tour around the Library by the Guru himself. Then it was off to Madame Brussels for a few drinkies.

Ignoring the un-educated comments of a few malcontents I happily started to work my way through a few glasses of La Ville Ferme rose.  It took Mr Barnes nearly an hour to choose a drink and in the end went for an expresso martini!  JP was able to make it for the drinks as was Orin. orin’s presences was doubly good as he showed off Civ on his iTouch.

Finally the Scribe turned up and was followed by two people form the Monthly both of whom looked way too young to be attending this sort of function.  JP regaled myself and Naut about his inability to know when to stop a run of jokes, and GBob also pased out a few gifts. Once again thanks again for my copy of  ‘The Accidental Guerilla’ mate very kind.

Then it was off to Longrain. Naut had his pass upgraded and we were joined by Mr Sag (who I’d not met before but soon proved he was well suited to attend)! Havocks confusion as to how to eat the entre was humerous but he got his revenge on me by giving the wrong instructions as to the location of the ablution blocks and therefore found myself in the ladies! 

Anyway that aside the evening went along fairly liquid, the suckling pork was excellent and thanks to Birmo for helping finish off the 2nd bottle of wine. The twittering that went on was funny although the pics didn’t seem to come out too brilliant esp with the spotlights reflecting off H’s head!!!!!!

The evening finsihed off with us all tacking down the street to our respective habitations. Whilst the restaurant was great I feel that the next meet should be more steak driven.

I rose earlyish so as to make it to Birmo’s hotel for brekkie. All very swish i must say, With a nice buffet breakfast followed by pastries. it was nice to see that the Scribe was suffering more than I. Leaving him to pick up the tab (thanks again for that mate I’ll treat you when you’re over here next)  I then wandered back to the hotel to have a nice relaxing bath before heading over to docklands for a meeting with a Real estate consultancy firm (thus being able to claim part of the visit against tax).

Havock then canceled our lunch appointment at the last minute so I spent the rest of the arvo wandering around the CBD before deciding to go to the cinema. it was then i made a BIG mistake , going for the allure of Sienna Millers leather clad form (in GI Joe) rather than the more cetrain appeal of District 9. bad move….

After that I had a quick meal and finsihed off by watching ‘Watchmen’ at the hotel.

Saturday morning was spent in Carlton but unfortunately San Churro was not open  (slack staff by the looks of things) so I had a pleasant respite at the Charcuterie accross the way.  i then vegged out the rest of the day until I scurried down collin street for JP’s little soiree.

JP …or was it sopranoGurl (offical spelling agreed between myself and Naut) managed to coerce lots of his rellies to turn up plus a few friends. JP managed to put off having to make a speech for nearly half and hour but then tried to keep it short and sweet before once again making the mistake of telling one joke too many… 

SG then took over the mike before the do started to wind down. I had fun talking to some of SG’s friends from the opera world before we went around the corner to a nice restaurant (owned by JP’s uncle?). Dinner was quite nice and was sitting next to SG and her mother so  never had a dull moment.

After dinner we headed back to JP’s place for a couple more drinks where Mrs Naut interrogated me (as she doesn’t trust bloggers!). Then as it was getting late JP very kindly gave me a lift back to the hotel.

Afteer a quick drink I settled down before having to get up at 06:30 for my flight home.

All in all a very enjoyable trip, and too short. It was good to see the lads again. However many props to Guru Bob, JP and JB.


17 Responses to “A too short a visit…”

  1. Lermontov Says:

    Sounds like H was bang on re directions!

    ‘Meet more steak driven’ – nice

  2. Jennicki Says:

    As usual I’m jealous I wasn’t there with y’all.

  3. chazfh Says:

    Lerm: I thought JB’s “just put it all in your mouth’ was something you would say!!!

    Jenn, who knows in a year or so maybe you will!!!

  4. Nautilus Says:

    The missus has a couple more questions, should I submit them in writing? Actually she is facinated by people that are prepared to pull up stumps and move to another country.

    Good to see you again, definately Valdos next time you are over!!!

    Rose is still a girls drink!

  5. chazfh Says:

    Naut, as long as they’re not asked under duress! Although I liked the early tack that she was only asking because emily wanted to know!!

    Yes vlados next time

    Being the man dirnking light beer all night matey you’ve got no room to cast judgements!!

  6. chazfh Says:

    On an aside i’m certain i’ve met Dave Sag before but I just can’t place where..

  7. Dr Yobbo Says:

    Rose is the light beer of wines. That should make the both of you happy. Or as happy as two very very gay men can be together.

    Sounds a (series of) good night(s) – had too much fun now, back to the most isolated city in the world again…

  8. NatalieV Says:

    Doh! I’m gonna be in Melbourne from the 8th until the 11th. Seeing as I was a crook as a dog last time you were in Brisbane it would have been great to meet the Chazman in the flesh…errr that sounds rude. Soz.

  9. chazfh Says:

    Nat, you’re such a flirt!!!

  10. Birmo Says:

    Waddya mean she doesn’t trust bloggers?!

  11. Domestic Daze Says:

    Hmmm, A Bris Vagas Chaz Day, EXCELLENT idea.

  12. chazfh Says:

    Birmo, lucky she never met you or she’d be doubly distrustful!

    DD, it’ll be next year now i’m afraid.

  13. drej08 Says:

    Where are the photos? And, are you coming up this way Chaz or what?

  14. Nautilus Says:

    Birmo she married me, I think that is enough explanation.

    Yes light beer is a bit gay even with the driving excuse, but at least it isn’t actually PINK!

    So Nat are we having a Natday?

  15. chazfh Says:

    Drej, still don’t know!! All the pics were twittered.

    Naut, so you have no pink shirts then?

  16. Barnesm Says:

    “next meet should be more steak driven…

    …Oh yeah I am so voting for VLADOS!!!!

    Chaz, most excellent to catch up with you.

    NatalieV, Melbourne is all atwitter with the excitement of your impending visit on the 8th.
    Its all the watercooler talk at the moment.
    If you need any native guides/bearers I am happy to assist.

  17. chazfh Says:

    Barnes: as always good to catch up with you as well. But yes The next Melbourne Chaz Day will be at an eatery that exists soley for the consumption of slabs of meat (preferably beef).

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