Bias at Aunty?

I never really took much notice at the Libs claims that the ABC was biased against them but after watching the 7:30 report last it did become clear to me that there is definetely an element of bias against those who the Federal ALP don’t seem to have much time for.

The coverage against Della Bosca was hard hitting , and as the Ruddbots lack of support for the current ALP gov is well known it would seem that there might be some influence there.

But one article does not make a pattern..

The coverage of the Victorian water minister who managed to lose himself whilst trekking alone in the Alps was much softer, his bio made him sound like the the 2nd coming and  his stupidity at the risks he took (considering his position) were handled very softly. Of course I have little time for this idiot as he is complicit in the disaster that is the current state of the Murray/Darling river system.

Then finaly there was an interview with Julia Gillard. Now my admiration for Julia is well know and I see her as our first female PM (& maybe president?). However her interview  was pathetic. i don’t know where they dragged the interviewer from but his attempt to be ‘hard hitting’ in his line of questioning was laughable.

If what is meant to be our best current affairs programme is so flimsy, i just can’t undertsand why the Ruddbot is so uneasy in being interviewed by them or infact any serious political commentator (besides Koshe)

My postion in this sort of thing is simple. A national broadcaster is there to keep the government of the time honest and the opposition on their toes. if it can’t do that thenmaybe we do have a problem, although seeing how the Beeb has been ruined you have to wonder if it’s worth it.

8 Responses to “Bias at Aunty?”

  1. Lermontov Says:

    The colour of Kerry’s hair is the give away.

  2. Beeso Says:

    You could always watch today tonight. There will always be some dross, but at least it’s not fox news. I get most of my current affairs from Fran Kelly and PM and I’ve never noticed bias there. Maybe cause I’m screaming at the politicians speaking “politik English”.

    By the way, did you hear the grab of question time in nsw? How did any of them get elected. It was like beavis and butthead.

  3. Barnesm Says:

    Completely agree, thought the standard of interviewing our polical masters is pretty piss poor across all the networks.

    Where is Quinten Dempser when you need him?

  4. chazfh Says:

    Lerm, you have a point!!! Did you here I defended you on Saturday night after someone slagged you off at a book launch?

    Beeso: I tend to walk out of the room if TT or ACA comes on. SBS isn’t too bad, but I just expect more from the ABC.

    Barnes: No what we want is Jeremy Paxman or at least a clone. IMHO he’s the best political interviewer I’ve ever seen.

  5. Therbs Says:

    I reckon Lateline do a far better job. Tony Jones plays pretty well in the top order of the Interlocutor’s XI. As for Lateline Business, its well known that in Mr Frellman’s house moaning noises can be heard each night as soon as Ali Moore smiles and welcomes Australia to the world of business farnarkelling.

  6. chazfh Says:

    Therbs, you are just EVAAL!!

  7. Therbs Says:

    Maybe, but don’t tell Mr Frellman.

  8. lermontov Says:

    I didn’t hear that Chaz – however, I am grateful!

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