Chaz Day in Sydney…Reaminated

Well children,

The stars are finally sliding into place and so Chaz Day will be celebrated in Sydney this year.

As Marcela will be along for the trip, partners are allowed but not de rigeur.

So El Gaucho Grill, 73 Stanley Street, Darlinghurst at 6:30 for a 7pm start

I’ll book a table in the name of Chaz. Please let me know numbers asap

I know it’s short notice but…..

Oh and it’s BYO on that night.


17 Responses to “Chaz Day in Sydney…Reaminated”

  1. Lermontov Says:

    I’m down from the 17th to the 21st

    So if it fits – you may have the pleasure of my company!!!

  2. chazfh Says:


    10th so we’ll miss you by a week..bugger!

  3. Barnesm Says:

    Love too, perhaps next time

  4. Quokka Says:

    We’ll be in Sydney at the end of October but have fun.
    I mentioned to The Bloke that there’s a Burger in Perth, we’ll be there from Dec 19 – 30 to have Xmas with my Dad’s family so if you’re around then let me know, t’would be nice to say hi.

  5. chazfh Says:

    Quokka, yet let me know in advance and we’ll meet up for a drink.

    Barnes, shame on you sir!

  6. Quokka Says:

    I’ll be in touch in December. We’ve booked a unit at Scarborough. Getting in at some ungodly hour the first night so The Bloke booked us into the Rendezvous or whatever that big sucker hotel is on the beachfront, same as we did last time.

    They sent us an email recently to tell us that their star rating has been downgraded. We look forward to discovering why, sometime after midnight following the five hour flight from Brisvegas.

  7. Therbs Says:

    We talking September 10? Book me in.

  8. chazfh Says:

    Quokka, why? cus it’s a dump…. IMHO!!!

    Therbs, yep sept 10, sent you an email a few moments ago.

  9. Therbs Says:

    Mmmm. Gaucho Grill. Gets continual thumbs up for the mouth wateringest steak in Sydney. Anyone else venturing there on Thursday should pop into the Lord Roberts for a pre-dinner settler and to grab some BYO for the restaurant.
    Mmmmmm… BYO…
    Hope everyone likes creme de menthe with their steak.

  10. bondiboy66 Says:

    Therbs you’ll be drinking that all on your own! I’m a player at this stage – I aim to bring something more palatable to drink. Like beer.

    Now the challenge will be how to recognise eachother. Shall I wear a flower in my (thinning) hair?

  11. chazfh Says:

    Table will be in the name of Chaz to make things simpler.

  12. Therbs Says:

    Okay – I’ll bring some beer and a bottle of red. Remember, we’ll be in polite company so we have to use the cutlery. I’ll be the big fat bloke wearing my work clobber – black strides and charcoal corporate shirt. And carrying an armful of booze.

  13. Bondiboy66 Says:

    Gaah woke up this morning feeling like someone had tipped a cockie’s cage into my throat…not self inflicted I might add…

    Hopefully this won’t get any worse – but if I’m to be a no-show I shall inform youse (and send you an email Chaz)…

    Don’t you love getting crook at the end of the season?

  14. Therbs Says:

    Steak, beer and O.P rum is what you need. Trust me.

  15. Bondiboy66 Says:

    I like the cut of your jib Therbs. Alas, I shall not be taking your prescription though – I woke up feeling quite crap, and yet still went to work (walking distance from the Gaucho I might add) and I am regretting my decision. I doubt I’ll make that mistake tomorrow.

    Enjoy the feed etc. folks.

  16. chazfh Says:

    Okay looks like a low turnut, luckily the Squire will be around for a shortwhile early on

  17. Therbs Says:

    BB – sorry mate, someone has to say it and Havock ain’t here so its down to me – harden the fuck up!. There. Its done. I said it.
    In the meantime, its a shame you’re feeling poorly. I used to do FM work for Centrelink and spent a bit of time in the Crown St office so I’m very familiar with the environs, particlularly the Lord Roberts and The Strand, plus all the grouse little feed places around Stanley St.

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