Chaz Day in Sydney: After action report

Got into the city on the harbour on the red eye wednesday morning. Was very tired. But had to run around to our lawyers in north sydney and then Marcela had to get her hair done ‘n stuff as she was fitting in some business meetings whilst in town.  After her last meeting headed to the Forbes for a few beers. I was reminising on how I first drank there back in ’98 and how i thought the carpet was the same. Hit the sack relatively early as was knackered.

Chaz Day dawned bright and clear, and after checking my emails with it looked like it was going to be just Therbs, myself and Marcela. Then I got a call from the Squire intially to  have a drink as he was in Sin City for a couple of days.

Met up at the Lord Roberts and the Squire managed to pursuade his mate Andrew to come down and have dinner with us lot at the Gaucho Grill.

So across the road we walked. Marcela pursuaded Therbs adn the Squire to try Quilmese beer (an argentine brew) then we hit the house Malbec, which by al accounts was pretty good.

Andrew turned up and it was game on to order a meat lovers smorgsbord.

Bedes managed to annoy one of our neighbouring tables by his level of profanity, which was humourous as the nearest table were clearly amused by our antics. But there you go, no accounting for taste!

The evening moved along and Andrew proved himself to be a worthy addition to the group.

As the meald rew to an end Marcela (who i believe was a bit squiffy by this stage) tried to get the lads to drink Matte the Argentine herbal tea. Bedes compared it to drinking out of an ash tray…

After the meal finished it was over the road for a couple of quick bevies. Watched Andrew fail stupendously in trying to interest a group of eastern suburbs girls then it was home time.

I can heartly recommend the Gaucho grill although having soenone from Argyland on your table is very useful.

For those who care the apartment settled quicklyon thursday and now all Marcela and I have to do is wait for our agent to find us a tenant. The apartment is great and I’d love to live there. The building is good and the suburb is great. And woth the fish markets less than 10 mins walk away what more could you ask for?

Got back a few hours ago to an overcast perth. hmmm


8 Responses to “Chaz Day in Sydney: After action report”

  1. Therbs Says:

    And a fine evening it was. It was great to meet you and Marcela. The beers and teh Malbec were fine and the Matte, well … er, I think there’s a photo somewhere of me trying to bong it. andrew was great fun and what can be said about Bedes? He’s a funny bloke and his FM radio jock impersonations were outstanding. almost had me heading off to Maroubre Beach to queue up at the Black Thunder promo vans for free caps, sunblock and icy cold cans of coke.

  2. simon bedak Says:

    Fucking lovely night, thanks for having us. Good to meet yous Therbs & Marcela. What was the name of that pornographic sounding dessert we ate? Dolce et something-or-other?

  3. chazfh Says:

    Therbs, yes I do think people would pay for that level of entertainment

    Simon, yes a great evening. Dolce de leche is what you’re thinking of.

  4. Guru Bob Says:

    Sounds bloody excellent! Gaucho Grill – where is that

  5. bondiboy66 Says:

    Jeez I wish I could have made it out. Particularly as I haven’t clapped eyes on Mr. Bedak for oooh fucken ages! But I’m afraid some lurgi had me in it’s grip…and still does. I haven’t been to work since last Thursday.

    Oh to miss out on two of the finest things known to man: meat and beer!

    Glad youse had a good time folks!

  6. chazfh Says:

    Col, don’t worry I’m certain we had your share of everything!

  7. chazfh Says:

    GBob it’s on stanley street in darlinghurst (no 73) just opposite the Lord Roberts.

  8. Therbs Says:

    BB – It was fucken tops ay!

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