USA talks peace, Russia war….

So after President Obama gets the Nobel Peace Prize for his ‘vision’ and not being George W Bush (allegedly the nominations for the prize closed 11 days after Pres. Obama took office). We have Russia saying that they are reconsidering the old soviet promise of no first use of nukes (which was always a crock of poo, but useful propoganda).

Now I’d say this is just a formalisation of current STAVKA protocols. The reason? The Russian Federation has not been in a positon to fight a major land war for many, many years.  The recent stoush with Georgia highlighted many shortcomings in the Russian military’s warfighting abilities. This is especially worrying considering that Russia has been fighting an active insurgency in Chechnya for nearly 10 years.

With a massive decline in Russia’s Naval and Aviation manufacturing capabilites, matched up with their now obvious operational weaknesses, one must wonder how long Putin would wait before pushing the button.

Now with the Caucasus about to erupt again, and a further possible souring of relations with the Ukraine over the Crimean peninsula this could mean that Russia might go nuclear very quickly if it felt even slightly streached. 

Also given the current leadership, who clearly don’t give a toss about other peoples lives, the chance of nuclear weapons once again being used, rises.

And a final twist to the mix. There is allegedly an increasing amount of politcal conflict in Moscow due the the growing amount of support for Isreal (considering how many russians now live there and Isreal and Russia sharing a similar disdain for Islam) against the arms traders who want to supply Israels enemies ie Iran. So support for stopping irans nuclear enrichment programe is more likly to be from domestic politics that wanting to help the USA bring a bit more stability to the Gulf region.


2 Responses to “USA talks peace, Russia war….”

  1. barnesm Says:

    Like you said I didn’t realise Russia ever was against using nukes in a first strike

  2. chazfh Says:

    Barnes, ‘no first use’ was a big thing in the ’80s part of the propoganda war linked to the basing of IRBM’s in europe. But I never believed that the russians would hand away that advantage.

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