Verely I am screwed…..

At the starte of the ending of the weeke, my Goodwife hath determined that her positon in her place of employmente is not that secureth due to the actions of carrion birds of evil aspect. These demons of revile are sending forth quills tipped with venom and vitriole against my lady of Northbridge.

Alas and alack she doth not requireth me to utilise the rotrary musket cannon atttop our carriage to remove said avains spirits from the skyes..However I discovered that her superior hath been poached like a kings deer from the common by mine own lords and masters to be employed at mine workhouse.

After many pewter tankards of frenchie style grog. It hath been determined for meself that I will take up my sword of sharp whit and shield of prudent commerical real estate operations and fite the jabbowokky of ignorant tenants in the field of glass and burnished steel with a fine harbourside asthpect.

When I did point out that the funds to undertake this challenge were low, my goodwife explained to me my negativity was not required for this heroic undertaking.

And so dear readers it seems that I must obtains employment and accomodation in the fair Emerald City by the celebration of Saint Valentine.

Oh Bugger!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




18 Responses to “Verely I am screwed…..”

  1. Nautilus Says:

    Um, does that all mean that work sucks and you need to move to Sydney by sometime in Feb?

    If so, best of luck to you!

  2. Bondiboy66 Says:

    Alas and alack good sir. Is it not true that you have verily divested yourself of accomodations in this, the fair Emerald City? Forsooth that does indeed suck verily and with great emmm…..suction.

  3. Flinthart Says:

    Emerald city? Perplexed as I am by your elegant Elizabethan verbiage, perhaps I need a dose of brains. I hear Emerald City might be the place to look…

  4. chazfh Says:

    Naut, trust you to cut to the heart of it!!

    BB66: mate the tenants are insitu for another 16 months!!

    FH: I was trying for more of a restoration passion play but you got what you got. I apologise for the gentlemenly writers of that age who are now doing good impressions of centrifuges!!

  5. Moko Says:

    lol Wut?.

    OH SWEET, Naut translated. LUCK!.

  6. Barnesm Says:

    And the emerald city will be the better for it.

    All things are ready if our minds be so. (King Henry V)

  7. yankeedog Says:

    Yea, verily. From the farthest expanse of the wyrld we wishe for ye good fortune!

  8. bangarrr Says:

    Bugger indeed, good luck.

    PS Sydney! Things are that bad?

  9. Guru Bob Says:

    So in fact you are following the yellow brick road to Sin City?

  10. Big Bad Al Says:


    A Transcontinental relocation.


  11. drej08 Says:

    Big move. Good luck mate !

  12. LERMONTOV Says:

    Good to hear that you are moving to civilization!

  13. chazfh Says:

    Moko, increases my faith in the NZ educational system!!

    Barnes: thank you sir, we did think about Melbourne..for about 4 seconds!!

    YD the wishes of our fellow colonials is warmly received!!

    Bangar: it’s more the fact that we have the apartment in sydney and we see that this could be a chance at a sea change.

    GBob: yep!!

    Al, I’m getting closer!!!

    Drej, thanks for that, a big move but I’ve made bigger ones…

  14. Birmo Says:

    Odds bodkins and forsooth! Try Bondi.

  15. chazfh Says:

    JB I don’t think that BB66 has realised yet that I could be camping out on his floor!!

  16. NatalieV Says:

    Cacked myself silly reading this.

  17. chazfh Says:

    Nat: we aims to please

  18. bondiboy66 Says:

    Try Bondi? Pardon? Oy vey!

    No room on our floor anyway Chaz – The Little Bloke tends to spread his stuff all over the bloody place. It’s kind of like pouring water on the floor – it spreads to fill the available space.

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