“Ha ha” said the clown

And in one masterful stroke the Liberal party have consigned themselves to another term in opposition. Oh and moved farther to the right, so proving that Turkeys do vote for Xmas.

The only thing is will ETS go through? I doubt it  with the naysayers now firmly in charge. Will that mean an early election? Well some don’t think so.


Unfortunatwely the good professor misses one very important fact. The Ruddbot likes control and the Libs have offered him the chance to really smash them at the polls. The ALP are unlikely to pass up this opportunity as the Libs are very weak and the actions of some of their sitting MP’s will have angered many traditional voters especially in the centre/centre-right of the party.

This therefore could be Rudds chance to put the Libs away for as many as two election cycles, maybe even three assuming he doesn’t do a Tony Blair. And in the end this shows what i said before that we are now seeing a re-run of the rise of the social democrats in the Fed ALP as we saw in the British Labour Party. By narrowing the ideological gap between the two parties and moving to the centre the ALP’s stategists see the possibility of a long run in power.

They know that NSW will go Lib at the next election, and that Ql;d will do as well (thanks to Capt Blight). That just leaves Vic and SA. So the ALp know that they will see a similar pattern to the years under the Rodent where the party in opposition controls the states. Of course the Ruddbot is already trying to federalise as much as he can and this will increase over the next election cycle where he is facing Lib state governments.

Just love it and Xmas tends to be very boring politically speaking (until the Xmas party stories come out!)

UPDATE: ETS is dead with the Libs voting to delay for three months. Lots of talk about ‘party unity’ but it’s clear alot of these people have got their heads stuck well in the sand. So I think the ruddbot will go for a double dissolution. The ALP spin machine will make mincemeat of the Libs for breaking an agreement.


8 Responses to ““Ha ha” said the clown”

  1. LERMONTOV Says:

    It should make politics a little more interesting!

  2. Quokka Says:

    Abbott in charge. This should be fun.

    anyway, onto more reliably fun things.
    Yep, Chaz, we will be in Perth from the 20th – 30th and we would love to meet you and Mrs Chaz.
    At this stage I’m planning to play it by ear and take it one day at a time.
    However The Bloke is keen for a feed and will go anywhere you think is good.
    Think I told you we’ll be staying at Scarborough although after the day I’ve had (cabinet makers x the am, doc for my fairfuxed carpal tunnel wrist x pm) I’m FKD if I can remember where.

    My email is lachesis247@gmail.com
    If you like, send me a note and we’ll take it from there.

    I am so looking forward to this trip.
    xo Quokka

  3. Quokka Says:

    BTW Chaz, being you’re a local, any ideas on where the chlorine addicted can go to do laps at dawn?

    I found a pool in Hyde Park that looks good.
    Did ask my family about it when I was there last winter, but they just looked at me like I was mad and pointed to the Indian Ocean.

    I pointed out that I’d met one of my Dad’s childhood sweethearts who’d lost an arm in that ocean to a grey nurse shark and my cousin just shrugged and said ‘swim faster’.

  4. LERMONTOV Says:

    Re update – no chance that they’ll dissolve on this. The polls are too contrary for someone as media reliant as Rudd to take a punt.

    Regardless of one’s own position on climate change – one can’t blame the Libs for having a crack at this. Political opportunism and democracy at its best!

    I’ll go out on a limb here and say that Abbot will be a more popular Op Leader than Turnbull was, within months.

    Plenty of ways to argue against a tax (levy, call it what you will, Abbot will call it a tax) that few people understand.

    I, personally, can’t stand either major party and don’t have a dog in this fight, but a conviction politican will stand in stark contrast to Rudd’s apologetic blandness and may very well pick up a few seats come next election. This seemed unthinkable a month ago. Abbot can, perhaps, be tricked into ‘wearing his heart upon his sleave for the daws to peck at’ and that would presage a fate somewhat equal to Iago’s!

    Should be a fun spectator sport!

  5. chazfh Says:

    Lerm, well it seems that you are right, the Boy Kevin has decided to try again in Feb, that will not be a popular decision amongst the ALP strategy boys as it means the pressure will be off for a few months.

    However having a fully ‘commited’ opposition leader is going to be interesting and the mad monk is a great attack dog.

    Yes a fun spectator sport much like watching the NSW ALP gov tear itself apart!

  6. Therbs Says:

    Chaz, looks like a double dissolution would have to wait until March. There’ll be some furious polling going on. I loved Rees’ attack on the faction leaders of NSW Labor.
    Abbott should come up with some Question Time highlights. I don’t know if he’ll coalesce the whole party. I reckon any bandaids will only put off the ionevitable, which is another Lib leader down the political poop shute next year.

  7. Lerm Says:

    Actually, a double dissolution would have to wait until August (when an election can be called anyway) unless Labor pull the trigger on the first ETS bill which has been referred to commitee. This was the bill that Labor were attempting to ammend and which resulted in the Liberal Party spill. So going for a Double Dissolution on a bill which your own party was trying to ammend because it is so flawed is almost unimaginable. Particularly after the two by-elections this weekend.

    Exciting times!

  8. chazfh Says:

    Therbs: well they’re now talkiong about federal ALP taking over the state NSW branch because of how crap they are! personally i think KK is pretty hot but she’s no more than a glove puppet and the more she denies it the more everyone knows it’s true.

    Lerm. The Boy Kevin has again showed himself to not have the guts to follow through with his threats, hence the third reading of the bill in Feb. I think he’s really rattled about the new look Libs. Abbot may be a plonker, but he’s a plonker who’s not afraid to say what he thinks. Under the mad monk the libs may do better next year. There you go i’ve swallowed my pride and admitted it.

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