Environmental Rant Time

Well the Ruddbot and all his little helpers are off to Copenhagen for the Global warming conference that will in itself cause huge amouns of CO2 to be produced and thats just counting the travelling to and from Denmark.

That the conference will not produce a legally binding frame work is bad enough, that the biggest non-western polluters won’t play ball and want to still pollute merrily as it is their ‘Right’ is even worse. And that we still are not seeing anyone willing to green up their economies except the poorest countries whose kleptocratic owners just want more handouts to put in their Swiss Bank accounts is just downright sickening.

No my rant is about our glorious leader, the shining St Kev, of the fair shake of a sauce bottle. Oh and his government.  The ALP came into power in possession of one of the Rodents few (if not only) good evnironmetal laws which was to try and halt, if not reverse the decline in the Murray-Darling river system. Now the States involved NSW,VIC, SA and QLD wanted no change and did not approve of the Liberal Federal Govmnt taking away their rights to allocate water how they saw fit, nevermind the cost.

Now the ALP came into power with St Kev going on about the evils of climate change and how “Something must be done”. He quickly emasculated the only ALP MP with any real ecological veritas Pete Garrett ,and put Penny Wong in charge of climate change and water. Now Minster Wongs background  is linked mainly with the causes of climate change and water degradation having worked for both the CFMEU and also the Carr Government, her training as a laywer is also not exactly what the role needs.

Anyway since being the elected in government the ALP has done basically nothing, only watering down the requirements from the states and when they got shirty. Kev did nothing, again.

The solution to the quandry is quite simple we have to take out less water than is being put into the system, much less infact as the whole system needs regenerating. It doesn’t need complex calculations, it basically needs someone with the politcal balls to say ‘enoughs, enough’ and sort out paying dosh to those effected in a fair and reasonable manner.

Someone with a few smarts could also use it to roll out a green economy across rural Australia. So have the federal government done that? No in a word. They instead pushed forward with a hideously complex ETS programme which has been voted down by the Opposition..twice. Of course this was a great loss of face to St Kev, as he couldn’t go to Copenhagen being the only PM to actually have a ETS system in place ready to go. Missing the fact that what we need is a ‘polluters’ tax which would actually encourage business to clean up their act and help develop a green economy.

In revenge he just accused anyone who disagreed with HIS ETS policy as a climate change denier. All very mature.

Yet again therefore, the current federal government have let down the people of Australia by not being tough on environmetal problems.

Obviously halting massive environmental shutdown is not a core election promise.


2 Responses to “Environmental Rant Time”

  1. Flinthart Says:

    Dude! You haven’t worked it out yet? K-rudd won his election by the same means that Johnny Spineless won his first: talk, but NO RELEASED POLICIES. It worked for both because we were tired of the pricks in power.

    Kruddy is just going the logical extension. He figures that if he and his do nothing but talk, maybe apologise at regular intervals in a fairly harmless way, nobody will be offended by their version of government, and thus he’ll still be in the catbird seat at the next election.

    It’ll probably work, too, as long as Tony JesusFreak and the All-Zombie Squad are running the opposition.

  2. chazfh Says:

    Dirk, despite my having learnt the hard way with Tony Blair i had hoped that the Boy Kevin would be different, but no he isn’t….

    Look with the ‘fists of god’ running the oppo at least we’ll get more amusing PMQT and a bit more direct attacks on the smoke and mirrors of the current administration.

    But in the end I’m just so pissed off that nothing is really being done about our most pressing environmental concerns. Something so obvious that even Johnnie Boy felt the need (in an election year it must be said) to try and take action. instead we got the waste of parlimentary time that was ETS

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