The Great Wall of Australia

So children it seems that Senator Stephen Conroy has decided that our internet access needs to be censored to protect the children of this mighty country form internet nastys, accessing kiddie porn oh and checking out abortion and euthanasia sites..and anything else our glorious leader and his wowser mates thinks is unsuitable.

That, the measures have been roundly criticised by a wide spectrum of people from political parties of most stripes..except the ALP. Actual experts in the field of internet communications and general people who just don’t trust any government blocking our internet access seems to have passed the good Senator by.

This is without a doubt the thin end of the wedge and anyone who wishes to maintain their freedom of speech needs to take action. Direct action is not to be recommended especially considering current anti-terrorist legislation. the best way forward is to directly contact your local MP both state and federal and make it clear that unless they promise to oppose this measure you will not be voting for them.

It is clear that Sen. Conroy has not listened to the many letters of concern he received but maybe his constituents in the state of Victoria might want to point out that his position relies on their votes and preferences. So far it seems the Libs and Greens have come out against this quite draconian policy as well as a few minor parties, but you can bet the fundi’s at Family First will support it. 

So it is up to us to make a stand.

Hopefully we’ll see some grassroots activism and considering how many Gen x and Gen Y’s rely on the internet we can make the Gov back down or reduce it’s majority in the next election and also hopefully kick Stephen Conroy out of the senate.


9 Responses to “The Great Wall of Australia”

  1. Bangar Says:

    I know we have close ties to China, but this close?

  2. chazfh Says:

    Bangar the question is do the measures have the support of the factions? This could be kev’s first major face down as now the ALP knows it will win next year so the factions don’t need to kowtow to the ruddbot any more.

  3. barnesm Says:

    He is certainly the reason I will be filling in all the boxes in the Victorian senate election. Just so I can put him last.

  4. Flinthart Says:

    Dear old Senator Conroy. Do you suppose he showers with a blindfold, just to prevent himself catching sight of anything… untoward? On the other hand, why would he bother as he is clearly a eunuch?

  5. Bondiboy66 Says:

    But they are thinking of the children!!!!

    Gaaah my local members both state and federal are arseholes (Peter Debnam and Malcolm Turnbull respectively) – nonetheless they will both be getting letters from me.

  6. Nautilus Says:

    Too fucking dumb for words. I think we need a filter on the people that are allowed to run for public office.

  7. Therbs Says:

    Its crap. Total and utter crap. Following on from Mr Barnes’ comment I’m thinking of moving to Vicoria just so as I can put Conroy last on the Senate ballot. Well, I’m also keen on visiting this Vlados place the Melbournians go on about.
    BB – I hope you filled in Turnbull’s survey about Wentworth and sent it back to him.

  8. NowhereBob Says:

    Put it back together to see part of orioised blacklist.
    Or so it came to me via email.

    For me it’s more about the precedent, dammit I din’t want someone dictating what I may & may not see.

  9. NowhereBob Says:

    orioised = proposed + 3 drinks

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