.And goodwill to all men

(..except collingwood supporters that is)!

Well as planned marcela and I headed up to the Hills on Xmas Eve.  And then had to head back to this Xmas party in town a few hours later!!

However the cottage that we stayed in was really nice and we would recommend it to anyone


It was very relaxing and i can assure you the spa got some use! Lots of bird life to laugh at including one particularly stupid parrot that tried to fly through the house!

The only downside was that the fridge was smaller than anticipated so the drink took longer to chill and less could be chilled at any one time… A lesson for future visits. So for once my alcohol consumption was reduced.

Our hosts were very kind and we got a fresh loaf of bread each day plus breakfast stuff.

We headed back on sunday and basically chilled out

Caught “Sherlock Holmes’ last night and enjoyed it. It rates up with  “Murder by decree’ as being the best Holmes movie ever. Now just have to catch ‘Avatar’ and ‘Zombieland’

My xmas reading was “The Accidental Guerilla” by David Kilcullen. Which Guru Bob got me the last time I was in Melbourne. It was a good read after having just worked my way through Raymond Feist’s ‘Midkemia’ series. I agreed with alot of what Kilcullen said and was only dissapointed at one section on Pakistan which was very brief and made no mention on the ISI’s sponsoring of islamic terrorism. I’m now insprired to re-read my holy trinity of Counter insurgency/terrorism books “Where Soldiers fear to tread”, ‘The morality of terrorism’ and ‘Into the Shadows’.

To finish off my celebration of peace to all. i went down to the range today as it hads been nearly 2 years since my last visit. Wanted to try out the .357 sig and was quite impressed, although my grouping left much to be desired see below… Still my mate did so much worse than I, with the FN Browning he was shooting. I was very naughty, as he was struggling a bit and I shot one mag for him and got a reasonable 4 inch group which was better than any of his others..

The moral of this story, is of course that i need to practice more.

4 Responses to “.And goodwill to all men”

  1. Moko Says:

    Shooting, Tex. No shame in getting them inside the black ring.

  2. Therbs Says:

    Practice and more practice. Never know when Zed’s gonna appear. Reminds me – “Blogs of the Dead” is good. I like the various p.ov.’s and locales. That face munching scene was great.

  3. chazfh Says:

    moko, well consdierng the targets are head sized thats all that matters.

    Therbs. yep will have to get to at least a monthly visit i think. Glad you’re enjoying BofTD. Marcela said ‘eeewww!” when she read that bit.

  4. Quokka Says:

    Hey and happy new year!
    Lovely to see you both at Duende and glad to hear you enjoyed your time away.
    We went south to Rockingham on one of those very windy days and managed to arrive at the kiosk near Penguin Island in time for what looked like a rather high tide. We watched some backpackers fighting their way through the wind and the current and decided against joining them. Went on to look at Secret Harbour and after being blown off the beach concluded that their Secret is safe with us.

    We went to Rottnest on Xmas Eve and spent much of the day at The Basin.
    The Bloke fell in love with it and as we purchased the last remaining Fly Hat Nets at the kiosk, we had a pleasant day soaking up the tranquility of the island and watching a lot of American tourists swatting flies and offering us megabucks to part with our protective head gear.

    Had a lovely holiday – saw Avatar twice in 3D at Innaloo – and went into shock when we arrived back in Brisbane at midnight on Wednesday, unaccustomed to the humidity after the glorious dry heat of Perth.
    We’ve been back two days now and The Bloke is already scanning the employment adds for project/design management positions in your part of the world.

    Thanks for amusing us at Duende (and as far as The Bloke goes, ever since on the highway, which renders many opportunities for the cry ‘LOOKOUT! A LORRY!’)
    Hi to Marcela, and I hope we get to visit again sometime soon.
    Let me know if you guys are in Brisvegas as The Bloke had his Xmas party at some spanish restaurant in Caxton Street and I think he’s keen to show it off to you.
    You guys should find a nice day to go to Rottnest, you have no idea how lovely it is till you’ve actually been there.

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