Avatar a critque *WARNING SPOILERS*

Finally got to see Avatar in 3D yesterday.

I have to say in balance I don’t know if it was worth the wait.


– The world of Pandora is beautifully realised and well thought out. The SFX are amazing

– The idea of a highly evolved networked ecosystem is well thought out, and just because it is a rich ecosphere doesn’t mean that it’s ameneable to homo sapiens.

– The na’vi are not your standard alien they are deinitely feline.

– Slow interstellar space travel.

– movie moves along at a fair pace, and whiklst it is a long film it holds your attention.


-The depiction of the military is pathetic and utilises almost every negative stereotype you could want. To the informed eye, yes it is clear that a PMC is running security on Pandora but the imagery and lexicon used is likely to confuse the majority into thinking this a a pure military support role.

– The attack on the spirit tree  is almost laissez faire. The humans know that the na’vi are massing and know that they have aerial troops and yet they are completely out flanked by an attack from above. They clearly have unguided rocket pods on the gunships why did they not use those to volley fire into the area before moving in with ground troops? Also the use of mining explosives as bombs isn’t a bad idea but making the shuttle fly so low is just stupid. it should have been much higher as with that large amount of explosives pin point accurancy was not needed.

– Na’vi arrows were able to penetrate the gunships armoured glass? I mean WTF? These are stone tipped arrows. Even when fired from a bow that is say at least double the strength of a long bow it is still going to shatter and bounce off glass that is meant to repel small arms fire. Also why weren’t the smalley tilt rotors using armoured glass? it does not make sense.

– the story is pretty derivative, sort of  ‘pochantas’ meets ‘dances with wolves’ meets ‘aliens’ with every ‘noble savage’ stereotype you could want with positive scientist stereotypes and negative corporate/military stereotypes.

– Cameron is allegedly quoted as saying it’s a comment on Iraq and the ‘Stan. well I’m terribly sorry Mr Cameron but what you have produced is actually a hi-tech western or allegory about the rise of the Dutch east india company or the Raj. But it clear form some comments that resource wars are the natue of the day in the mid 22nd Century.

– if the Na’vi are so in tune with the planet why can’t they tell that the dozers are coming? surely the trial of destruciton would have caused a reaction in the ecosphere network? 

– The na’vi are highly evovled in their ecosystem but they are also at an evolutionary dead end. Because they are at a stone age level of basic technology andf their culture is as it is, there is only a slim chance that culturally they will evolve much further. Even if the humans weren’t there for the unobtainium the Na’vi would end up being an anthropological curiosity.

– The attitude of the scientists to the na’vi is so paternal it is unbelievable. they have tried to set up schools and give them medicine and teach them standard english. This is the attitude of the colonial era not of the near future. And yet the scientists are meant to be ‘the good guys”

-Finally if the mineral is so rare. the corporation weill be back but with more troops and with wepaonary that is not so effected by the flux. Can you say ‘orbital bombardment’ children.


What could have been a great movie, is in the end only an average one with the story letting it down major time. Cameron has made to Na’vi to be a mixure of Masai and indigenous americans and is not telling the future he’s re-telling the past. It’s a real shame as the premise of the networked ecosphere is great and the SFX are almost breathtaking. if the movie had been made three or four years ago then i’d have said ‘fair enough they’re slagging of haliburton and Bush’ but even then it would have been only half right.

Sherlock Holmes was much better and more original


8 Responses to “Avatar a critque *WARNING SPOILERS*”

  1. Moko Says:

    Yeah, and how did they deal with people shitting themselves while in transit from earth and what did they do for sustenance coz I didn’t see tubes and shit. *rollies*

    That “taser” in Sherlock Holmes is TOTALLY improbable…*more rollies*

  2. chazfh Says:

    I liked the idea of an inducted ‘taser’ in SH although it would have only held one charge.

  3. Girl Clumsy Says:

    I basically agree with you on all counts Chaz. I saw Sherlock Holmes last night and must admit I just found it a lot more fulfilling as a flick than Avatar. I don’t know what this says about me, but I found myself getting a tad bored during some of the later battle scenes in Avatar. 😉

  4. paulboylan Says:

    All true. Nevertheless, I loved it and can’t wait to see it again – but not in 3D which was annoying enough during the non CGI moments to make it worth giving up.

    There is a reason why this film is so popular – people all over the world, from every conceivable culture, are willing to stand in line, even in bad weather and for hours, to see this film. Yes, it is the chance to see naked space chicks.

    I mean this. I posted a blog entry after seeing Avatar that was thoughtful and intellectual and did not once mention naked space chicks. I posted some stills from google images. And now I’ve received heavy traffic from the following two search terms:

    neytiri nude
    Neytiri Avatar nude

    No kidding. Between the two I’ve had, as of a few moments ago, 27,051 visitors to my site who got there using those search terms. Many have downloaded the single pic I posted of Neytiri’s face.

    People just love space chicks and cannot resist the lure of naked space chicks. It is like a compulsion. I bet there are people who have and will see Avatar again because they think maybe they missed glimpsing the naked space chicks when they saw it the first time. Which explains why this film just broke the billion dollar box office mark – repeat viewing, especially in France.

    All this being said, I do look forward to seeing Sherlock Holmes.

  5. Therbs Says:

    Mmmm. Naked space chicks.

  6. paulboylan Says:

    Actually, I saw an interview with the actress who plays Neytiri and she did say they filmed her naked. That must be what’s got the fan boys all a twitter.

  7. chazfh Says:

    Yep long legged naked space chicks Mr Cameron might not be so stupid afterall….

    Oh and something i missed in my rant. If the primary life forms are all hexapods, how come the na’vi are quadropeds who’ve evolved into bipeds?

  8. Guru Bob Says:

    Ahh naked space chicks… actually Mt Boylan I expect to see some derivative Avatar pron before long – in 3D!!!

    Actually I enjoyed the movie quite a lot but found the tactical stuff really annoying – after all you woudl expect that an ex-recon Marine would come up with some better tactics to deal with a mechanised ground force then a ‘head-on’ cavalrty charge – hadn’t he ever heard of ‘guerilla warfare’??? The Ewoks did much better… they had traps, pitfalls, catapults etc…

    Also I always recall a sergeant once telling me that if you really wanted to bring down a helicopter just drop a brick through its rotor blades – I never sure how you would do that from the ground – but it would be pretty easy if you were flying around on a dragon/monster thingie… rather then just going head-on into ‘claw-to-rotor’ combat – drop trees on the bloody things if you are above them… then engage in close combat.

    Basically the ‘human’ hero pretty much leads the indigenes to a slaughter which matches the one in The Mission – only the deity comes along to help in this version.

    Re ‘th eevolutionary dead end – I think that was the point – there is even a coment about why would they want the benefits of our technology and capitalist way of life – lite beer and jeans?

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