War against whalers about to escalate?

The sinking of the Sea Shepard ship the Adi Gil in Commonwealth bay has in one foul  move showed the world how firm the Japanese are in their intent to continue their Illegal whaling campaign no matter what the cost.


I say ‘illegal’ as their whaling campaign is not for real research and is in reality a cover for harvesting whalemeat for the japanese domestic market. despite this market being well served by the legal indigenous catch. The ‘market’ is in fact a cover for a small but vocal lobby group. What is really disappointing is that this is happening during a sea change in Japanese politics and with a centre left government in place.

The Japanese ICR (sic) have even been running ISR missions from Albany to locate the anti-whaling vessels. The success of these flights is seen in todays sinking.

Our illustrious government is as usual steely eyed in its opposition to whaling in the Southern oceans as can be seen by this statement by Pete Garrett our Environment Minister (allegedly)

“We have reminded the masters of protest vessels of their obligations under international law to take all steps to ensure safety of life at sea, particularly in the inhospitable conditions of the Southern Ocean. We are also passing the same message to the government of Japan.”

So I bet the Japanese whalers are really scared. In fact there is a Team America colouration to the Australian governments response to the continual slaughter of cetaceans by the Japanese. By threatening to go to  court if the Japanese don’t come to a diplomatic agreement to cease their activities.

My question is where are our vessels? And our ISR assets making sure that the Japanese stay out of our waters whilst they continue their internationally condemned activities. Japan is not the economic power it once was and I’m sure the PRC wouldn’t mind helping out by making sure that no whaling vessel could dock in Asia. Until of course the japanese government removes the latest schoolbooks which excused the Imperial Armies excesses in WW2.

What amazes me is the lack of noise from the environmental lobby and the zero demands for boycotts of japanese goods. We should be seeing mass media protests against the whalers and it’s just not happening. Maybe Al Gore could do a film about it…. I also just wonder how long it is before lethal force is used by either side in this sad yearly event.

My position is clear any whaling vessel caught in our national waters should be boarded and confiscated by naval vessels not coast guard vessels. And we should have naval vessels shadowing the whaling fleet whilst in international waters to protect the protesters.

Ideally i would like the ships sunk in their home harbours preferably by the DGSE who are good at that sort of thing. However I can’t see that happy event occurring.


6 Responses to “War against whalers about to escalate?”

  1. bangarrr Says:

    Having only just finished Pacific Fury, my views may be a tad coloured. Sink them and not say oops.

  2. Moko Says:

    I see no difference with this and the sinking of the Rainbow Warrior. Total act of state sponsored terror. Sink any Japanese vessel that break international laws and boundaries.

  3. Moko Says:

    It’s weird how this story has been largely avoided by ANYONE in the media.

    Kyle and Jackie O get 24/7 coverage but this is brushed under the carpet.

  4. chazfh Says:

    Moko, could it be because the Ruddbot has alot of supporters in the media and he’s not doing a thing to stop this?

    It’s just like the Murry-darling ecosystem collapse. our illustrious leader won’t act just talks..or it seems writes childrens books.

  5. paulboylan Says:

    All kidding aside, whaling – Japanese or otherwise – must be stopped. “Research” is a pretense. I agree with Moko – sink the fuckers and hope the floating survivors get eaten by killer whales.

  6. Jaden3 Says:

    I’m just waiting for the Sea Shepherd organisation to buy a cheap diesel sub from the PRC or Korea or Iran. With live torpedoes.. 😉
    Then we’ll see how the whalers go..
    After all, if they can get a $5mil stealth trimaran donated to them, then a cheap sub should be no problem..

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