KFC ad racist and yet this is not?

The timing could not be better.

First we have the KFC ad storm where many Seppos expressed their ignorance by attacking an advert as racist because it involved cricket, windies supporters, australians and fried chicken. The fact that it had nothing to do with the USA except that the corporation involved is Headquartered in the USA. KFC bow to the mob even though it was only for transmission in Oz and the Windies have been sponsored by KFC for years and we had no complaints from the carribean. So yes another strike for american cultural imperialism. Next tiem I see an american movie stereotyping either a pom or Aussie  ithink I call for it to be banned as well. Just in the spirit of fair play you understand.

But anyway it seems that the leader of the US Senate a member of the Democrat party no less has had some pretty overt racist comment s quoted in print.


And where are the demands for resignation from the ‘racially aware”? Where are the screaming headlines? The youtube clips where people are venting their fury at what are pretty purile comments?

The answer there came none.

Hmm can you say ‘hypocracy’ children?

So my recommendation is to all those Americans who wish to point out alleged racism in others. Have a word with the so called Democrat party. Oh and get a passport and actually see the world.

……PS My apologies for all those well travelled and intelligent Americans out there.  except fro PNB of course!


15 Responses to “KFC ad racist and yet this is not?”

  1. Moko Says:

    NO NO, you’ve got it wrong Doc. That’s TOTALLY different!.

    JUST IS.

  2. Moko Says:

    lol I just realized I put “Doc”. Soz Chaz.

  3. chazfh Says:

    You’re forgiven..just this once!

  4. Dr Yobbo Says:

    Force of habit hey Moko?

  5. Quokka Says:

    Sign me up for the chorus here.

    Been to aubergine yet, you two?

  6. yankeedog Says:

    I must have missed the whole deal on this commercial.

  7. Steve Says:

    He didn’t say “*I* would accept Obama because etc etc.” He said America would. And, quite frankly, he’s right. If somebody who looks and talks like Chuck D or Flava Flav was running for president, the campaign would not have made it very far.

    Now, he used anachronistic and racially sensitive language, but he also apologized for such language, to the person whom he was talking about. The apology was accepted. No resignation was demanded by Obama.

    Out of curiosity, was there a demand for firing the people involved in the KFC advertisement? Aside from those on the ultimate left wing fringe here in the US (who will demand the resignation of just about anybody, because they’re insane)? Or was it simply a demand for the ad to be pulled and apologies issued? I’ve only seen the ad on Moko’s page, nothing about the ensuing fallout.

  8. puma Says:

    Well, the story just broke late friday here in the US. Might want to give it a few days. However, the GOP is asking for his resignation. Funnily enough, the GOP chairman, who is black, said previously that he would attract diversity to the republican party with “fried chicken and potato salad”.

    Expect to see lots of condemnation, ironically, from the GOP and very little from the Dems and Black community. Seriously, the Dems and Blacks have zero to gain beyond a perfunctory slap on the wrist. That’s just politics, and it goes on in every country.

    I don’t think racism in my own country should preclude me from condemning it elsewhere though. That would be pretty silly don’t you think? Not that the KFC ad was racist. In the Australian context anyway.

  9. chazfh Says:

    Dr Y: well you are leading the ‘hit the seppos with a big stick’ chorus at the moment!

    Quokka: Your place is already reserved

    YD: get with the program sir!!

    Steve; In my mind the comments made were racist but what is interesting is that the media are seeming to down play the issue. I checked out four major US news websites NYTimes, Washington post, LA Times and of course CNN. And there was barely a whisper. now for the rightwing nutjobs that’d be enough to claim that the ‘liberal’ media are just protecting their own. As for the KFC ad. my point was and is. It was nothing to do with the USA and yet it was people in the USA who got upset about it. Go figure.

    Puma, as per my comment to Steve the main attacks seem to be coming from the GOP not in the op-eds. Attacking real racism no matter where is always good. however the attacks on the KFC ad revealed more ignorance about the outside world by the commentators (and yes Young Turks i’m looking at you) than any real comments about racism.

  10. Lerm Says:

    I read Reid’s remark as a pragmatic assesment the voting publics racism. It doesn’t seem racist in itself.

    I think some of this ‘you are a racist’ criticism is getting ridiculous. In the State run Museum in Shanghai, there is a display showing the order of the races. Naturally the Han Chinese are at the top, with the rest of us ranking underneath them in relation to the amount of melanin in our skin. When I was there I assumed that it was a antiquated piece of history. My Chinese friend laughed at me and said no. This is what children are taught in China. Still. India still has a caste system that functions outside the major cities for fucks sake.

    If people want to tackle racism and actually make a difference, there are some pretty obvious places to start. The belief that neither Americans nor Australians cannot recognise racism in their own countries and take action seems inane.

  11. Puma Says:

    Chaz, if you followed american politics closely, you’d realize that some American bonehead (both Repub and Dem alike) does this once every 2 years or so. I’m not bragging when I say this, but we’re so diverse that it’s pretty evenly spread. Eg, a jew insults blacks (Michael Richards), a black insults jews or another black(Jesse Jackson), a white insults jews and blacks (Trent Lott) and so on. Hence, it’s not exactly shocking when it happens. As I stated above, The Dems and Blacks (which the mainstream media tend to sympathize with) have little to gain by defecting and crucifying their longtime enemy the repubs. Hence, the lack of Op-eds criticicizing Reid. It might look shocking to Europe or Oz, but here we just kind of shrugg our shoulders and move on.

  12. Puma Says:

    But it’s not OK for you to do it. 🙂

  13. chazfh Says:

    lerm, I was trying to use it in the context of the KFC ad. but yes if you want institutionalised racism you don’t need to look further than the PRC. Hope youre now settled in the city on the harbour.

    Puma, yes i’ve seen it go around the traps, and Obama dealt with the issue in a calm manner (as i would have expected). But again it brings me back to the point of it being accepted by the establishment and commentators as ‘something that happens’ but then we get this shitstrom about something that has nothing to do with the USA (ie the KFC ad). I don’t even know if PepsiCo (who i think own KFC) are even USA owned anymore.

  14. Lerm Says:

    Not yet dear boy. Last week in Bne then WA next week. They are taking my phone back – so the # I gave you will be zonked by Fri – shoot me a text message and I’ll jot yrs down and pick up a prepaid card enroute.

  15. chazfh Says:

    Taking your phone back? Thats not cricket!! message enroute

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