An Interview with bob Hawke..excellent!!

Andrew Dentons “Elders’ series has been on the whole very good with to date my faves being David Attenbrough and Dame Elisabeth Murdoch.

But this weeks episode with Bob Hawke was truely amazing.

Now I know it is a repeat but I missed the first showing.

I loved the sideswipes at the Ruddbot and the odd subtle dig at PK. but once again it helped remind me of how much we actually do owe him and of the hard work he put in to modernise Australia whilst he was PM even though it meant going against the wishes of his former collegues at the ACTU.

It is the mark of a great nation when our PM can be described as ‘a lothesome drunk’!!

5 Responses to “An Interview with bob Hawke..excellent!!”

  1. Lerm Says:

    A great Aussie.

    I remember reading an article where Hawke (in his 70’s) was a guest at a diplomatic function in Canberra. As the guests dispersed to the street and then their respective hotels, a car load of youths who were stopped at the traffic lights called out “Hawkie you’re a fucking legend”. Hawke replied “if I’m such a fucking legend you’ll give me a lift to my hotel”. They said “Bloody Oath”. He then jumped in a car with some complete strangers who dropped him at his hotel. The international media who were covering the function couldn’t believe that something like that could happen.

  2. Dr Yobbo Says:

    Have only seen the Dawkins one out of this series and that was grievous crap, Denton seemed obsessed with irrelevancies. But Hawke, I can imagine, would be a fucking good interview.

  3. Quokka Says:

    Have only seen the add for this and wondered if he’d been in the botox.
    We did see Keating! The musical and Bob was spectacular in that.
    Although I imagine you don’t get live entertainment in Perth.

  4. chazfh Says:

    Quokka, we do get live entertainment. it’s known as walking through Nortbridge at 2am on a saturday or sunday morning.

  5. Quokka Says:

    The Bloke said as much.
    Been to Aubergine yet, you two?

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