Guess Chavez got a 360 for Xmas

You’ve got to hand it to Hugo Chavez despite the fact that his country is sinking under the strain of his Bolivarian revolution (the only thing revolving is Simon’s bady, in its casket everytime Chavez invokes his name for another weird idea), he’s still thinking about the important things.

He’s just devalued the currency but then told retailers that they can’t raise prices (like thats going to stop inflation) and sent the army in to make sure. He’s nationalising banks and media outlets left, right and centre. Oh and he’s letting the rest of country have blackouts so that the inhabitants of Caracas don’t have to suffer. But he still has time to slag off consoles.

Now I agree that Playstations are poison ..being a 360 fan myself. However considerin he’s militarising all aspects of Venzeulan life you’d have thought he’d want the kids to be familiar with killing via  console games and not playing with little dolls.

Oh well I bet the poor in their sqaulid barrios really appreciate hugo looing after their kids moral welfare.


One Response to “Guess Chavez got a 360 for Xmas”

  1. Moko Says:

    lol Yeah, that’s an odd one.

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