Lerm does Perth..sort of

Arranged to meet lerm at the Belgian bar in town as thought it would be the best kicking off point. Off course he turned up late with two girls in tow. One was a tall, slim blonde and the other was short and dumpy..and my first thoughts were that it was a set up and that he was going to use me a foil with miss spherical so he could score with the leggy blonde.

Fortunately it was not the case and they were work collegues of his, although I suspected that he was having ‘in depth’ business planning meetings with the blonde.

Because our mutual friend is ashamed of his blogging lifestyle I had to pretend to be an military collegue so I had to think of a plausible history for me in case asked in about 5 seconds. Fortunately both girls were to pissed to really ask too many questions.

After a couiple of drinks more of lerms alleged work collegues turned up so we used it as an excuse to do a runner.

Went into a trendy bar that’s just opened a few doors down and had some more booze and some food whilst we discussed many topics. After dinner i had planned to show him another ‘in’ bar but it was just closing so we headed to an oirish pub around the corner. Lerm cracked the shits a bit as he couldn’t get a proper martini but he had fun flirting a bit with the barmaid.

Then headed to the Sheraton for a finale of single malt before I headed home.

Have a small hangover this morning. I blame the water I had with my malt.

I had a good time, just wish it had not been a school night.

Thanks to Lerm for shouting dinner although I think if we’d been to one of my haunts we’d have had to share the bill. Next time I take him out though I’ll ensure we go to places with more eye candy so he doesn’t get bored.


9 Responses to “Lerm does Perth..sort of”

  1. NatalieV Says:

    That lad sure does get around…like the Beach Boys.

  2. havock21 Says:

    he is a fkn legend..AND a top bloke to boot..glad ya is still alive

  3. chazfh Says:

    Nat: he’s just misunderstood…Maybe he needs a more mature woman to take him uder her wing?!!!
    Havock: less of a hangover than the last meal we had in Melb!!!

  4. Dr Yobbo Says:

    Lerm cracked the shits over a poorly made Martini? How very James Bond of him. Then again O’Malley’s, Gilhooley’s, Dicey O’Reilly’s, Squinty McGinty’s or Shonky O’Cliche’s isn’t top of the list when you think ‘Cocktail bar’ I guess. Can’t say Lerm seemed that ashamed of his blogger persona when he met us, maybe it’s just you Chaz!

  5. chazfh Says:

    Dr Y, it probably is just me :((

  6. Rhino Says:

    Damn … I have to party with you bastards. I MUST plan to do a month in Oz in 2012. We’ll need 6 months to plan nefarious distractions for the HLDW in order to spring me for debauchery.

  7. Guru Bob Says:

    Watch out Rhino the world will be ending in 2012… but then again where better to watch it from then Oz?

  8. Lerm Says:

    Great to catch up with you Chaz- the only reason that I requested that you abet me in avoiding the blog question, was because they were from work. Speaking of which – the Blonde!

    See you next time i’m there or you are here


  9. chazfh Says:

    Lerm, always happy to avoid an embarassing moment!

    But yes the Bonde was pretty nice. Nothing like a girl who talks dirty when drunk!

    Look forward to another evenings frivolities either in the Harbour City or over here. Had a great time and took note of what you advised.

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