Anti Development rant

Saw this add on and it made my blood boil.

Now I know that it’s not the first piece of forest to be ‘developed’ but what annoyed me was that my uncle lives nearby and the area backs onto national parkland and has a high eco-diversity. Developing this area would do nothing except increase traffic, pollution in the area and would seem to me to being just a tool by the council to increase the council levies in the area.

There are hectares of land that are not forested  and can built on, between Bonnogin and Brisvegas so why destroy this area? This is of course is hot on the heels of the Federal Guvmnt not wanting to class the Koala as ‘endangered’, as the decline in Koala numbers is linked primarily with the redevelopment of the forests they live in and of course the states where the veggie dropbear lives are under ALP control and in the pocket of developers you might be very cynical as to they the Federal Guvment is behaving in this way.

Time for a bex and a lie down I think


One Response to “Anti Development rant”

  1. Therbs Says:

    Its uncanny innit how given a piece of forested, eco-diverse land and on the other hand large tracts which aren’t as fragile that developers seem to prefer the koala killing option. Must be what they learn in land Development 101.

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