First dictated post using Dragon

Okay, so this is the first of my blogs that I’m dictating by Dragon.

Well last night was less than impressive I have to say. It seemed that something as simple as a table plan for a meal that was planned over two months ago, can be a hard thing to get right. So in the end I spent nearly half the evening standing up, but fortunately they tended to be enough waiters around to keep the supplied with sparkling wine.

The CEO of my wife’s company was suitably embarrassed and I ended up sitting at his place on the top table big some of his quite pleasant wine. I of course maintained a suitably cool and collected exterior throughout the whole rigmarole, and I hope managed to get from Marcella a firm promise that I will be able to hold Chaz day in Brisbane later on this year!

After all the presentations finished, the music started adaptable buildup sons myself as I don’t want to risk screwing my leg up again after the pain in my hip had finally gone away on Friday. Naturally I wasn’t too impressed when Marcella started to make a bit of a fuss because I didn’t want to go have a dance!

Obviously by this time I was starting to get slightly bored, so I started to make a few subtle hints it could be a good idea to move on. It’s still took nearly half an hour for us to leave, and head off to the casino. Unfortunately Cliff Richard was also having a concert at the complex that evening so the place was heaving with oldies!

Anyway moving away from the areas frequented by the hoi polloi, Marcella and I hit the roulette tables and after about an hour had made a 200% profit! Which unfortunately taking into consideration Marsalis hairdressing bill of the afternoon and the cab fares to and from Burswood, meant that at least we did not finish the day on a loss!

So anyway, I am finding that Dragon is not that hard to use, but I am finding that I need to relearn how to dictate as it’s been nearly 6 years now, since I had a secretary who did all my typing for me!

 Well, time for lunch, and a short session of Mass Effect 2 before trying to do some more work using Dragon. Mainly I want to see exactly how much I can create compared with typing.

10 Responses to “First dictated post using Dragon”

  1. Dr Yobbo Says:

    ‘the music started adaptable buildup sons myself’

    Apart from that bit of random, came out pretty well IMO.

  2. chazfh Says:

    Dr Y actually that just proves that you are a dangerous infiltrator who must be removed from the equation!

  3. barnesm Says:

    So the important stuff, how does mass effect 2 shape up, worth it?

  4. chazfh Says:

    I think so although i gather that Orin is much further into it than I

  5. Flinthart Says:

    I think I’ll keep typing. It’s fast enough to suit me, and it makes me think about what I’m writing, and I can edit on the fly.

  6. chazfh Says:

    Dirk strange as it might sound I do tend to think before i speak..well mainly! I can still edit as I speak with dragon which was a relief.

  7. Quokka Says:

    Parseltongue is tricksy, but I can see you’re ghetto the hinge of it.

  8. chazfh Says:

    Q ha ha ha haven’t you got a cat to worm or something!!

  9. Quokka Says:

    The household could do with some medication, yes, but meanwhile I want to know which Cliff Richard you were dealing with.

    Marty Rhone was on the ABC TV the other afternoon doing his Cliff Richard special. Childhood in the UK may have deprived you of knowledge of Marty Rhone and if so you should go immediately to youtube and see what is on offer.

  10. Quokka Says:

    Now, you see THIS is what you missed out on by not being in Oz in 1975.

    Now showing at an RSL/Casino near you..
    But why you wouldn’t dance to that is just beyond me.

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