Ten years after….

Well ten years ago Marcela and I agreed to terms and became man and wife..well according to the State of Queensland that is.

For those who wish to know we got married here:


And it was bliss as there were no rellies, no family politics and no uncle getting drunk and doing an embarassing dance half dressed.

Orignally I had wanted to celebrate there but with me changing jobs it was not really practical, especially as the demand for Chaz Days in Brisvegas, Melbourne and Sydney growing.

So we’ll be going here instead:


The funny thing is that also we’ve spent more time in Australia than the UK now as a married couple.

Have to say the years have flown by, as has the money…….!!


6 Responses to “Ten years after….”

  1. Big Bad Al Says:

    “no rellies, no family politics and no uncle getting drunk and doing an embarassing dance half dressed” Just what sort of weird wedding did you have?

    Congratulations to you and Marcela…

    Have a good time at Chaz Pierre… (I’ll get them to change the name for the night)

  2. Dr Yobbo Says:

    Yeah sounds like you missed out on a top night!

    Profoundest congrats, we’re up to five years ourselves in Oct.

  3. barnesm Says:

    Look I think the whole country could get behind a weeklong festival of Chaz

  4. Moko Says:

    Well done mate. How did she manage THIS far? ;o)

  5. chazfh Says:

    BBA: ta everso will hopefully have the sign lit up as well

    DrY:Look after my ‘best’ man almost maanged screw up my stag night it was for the best…

    Barnes: Do you think we could get federal funding? Afterall thye’ll throw money at anything nowadays. Where’s Abe?

    Moko: restaurant quality food, and errr thats about it..oh and I do 90% of the house work…

  6. Nautilus Says:

    Good work! Hope you guys had a great celebration.

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