Chaz Day in Brisvegas

Okay so the stars have slid right for once and I can confirm that I’m in town at the end of April.

I’ve got a course on the 29th and 30th and plan to celebrate Chaz Day on the 30th.

Will try and catch Tassie Babes Fiasco on the Saturday before flying back west on the Sunday.

I think the Valley deserves a visit this time around, and as tempting as Blue Smoke is, I seem to remember that they have only 2 hrs sittings on Friday/Saturday nights.

Was thinking of the himalaya but as we had Indian last time thought a we’d go for something different.

I seem to remember a big Pizza place on the left going up Brunswick.

Anyone got any ideas?


21 Responses to “Chaz Day in Brisvegas”

  1. Lerm Says:

    I will celebrate from afar!

  2. SpyNat Says:

    How about a fabulous daggy little eatery in West End…Lefkas Greek Taverna? I haven’t been in ages and it has informal charm….

  3. Dr Yobbo Says:

    Yeah the Valley – you’d fit right in at the Wickham.

  4. SpyNat Says:

    Chaz would get eaten alive in that place Yobbo.

  5. Domestic Daze Says:

    Chaz Day in Brissy? Goodie!

  6. Dr Yobbo Says:

    Nah he’d be front and centre, shirt off, giving it heaps. Would be just his thing.

    Whatever you do don’t organise the fkn thing on CBG.

  7. chazfh Says:

    Ok so the Valley is out.

    To be honest don’t have a ot of time for greek food

    According to certain sages St Lucia sounds a go..

    Idea is to try and keep the cost realistic rather than the Sydney or Melbourne Chaz Days

  8. Quokka Says:

    OK. I’m awake, I have swum, I am now alert and interested in this quest for food.

    Where are you staying and what kind of food do you like?
    And this will be Friday night?
    AKA the big night in Brisbane’s meat market?

    Being a local of the West End area I can say good things for:

    * Ahmet’s Turkish (licensed) Grey Street South bank/Oxford St Bulimba
    * Sakura Japanese, Gladstone Road West End
    * Kim Than Vietnamese (not been there for ages but everyone says its still great, and easy on the budget) Hardgrave Road West End

    * Mirasoul (tapas) at Caxton Street/Petrie Terrace you know about

    If any of the above interest you I can hunt out a menu.
    The Japanese place was a little up there in the price range but bloody marvelous food.

    Sorry Nat but I’m not a fan of Lefkas either. I’ve sniffed their bins on a hot Friday night when we were leaving Mondo, next door. Gah.

  9. Quokka Says:

    We had quite a nice pizza etc for lunch at Othello’s on Oxford in Bulimba the other day.
    Mind you, there’s a place one block up on Oxford called Suga mi (on memory) that looked FKN wonderful. Not open for lunch on weekdays so can only go but what we inhaled and viewed as we walked by to the cinema one night.

    Bulimba may be a bit far out into the eastern suburbs for some, though.

  10. Quokka Says:

    The Bloke sez if you want pizzas the ones he had at Mirasoul were very good indeed. He’s been there twice now for work things and the last one was a late lunch on a Friday. He was still there and still eating at 6pm and it wasn’t too busy. Does get a bit loud though. But that’s Brisbane on a Friday. Might be more civilized for Saturday lunch/afternoon, which may suit you if Babes is playing on the saturday.

  11. Lerm Says:

    LoL @ DrY’s suggestion of the W! It’d be right up alley!

    Give Amphora a go – it isn’t expensive and beats the Valley or West End.

  12. Dr Yobbo Says:

    It’s Greek-ish though. Meditterranean. Run by a Greek bloke but not capital G Greek by any means. And it’s BYO. Would just need a bit of warning for a decent sized group as it’s not a big room.

  13. chazfh Says:

    Okay folks:
    Choice is either Spanish (ie tapas)
    Turkish/morrocan 9covers a multitude of sins.

    Anyone want to take a liited democratic vote on this?

  14. Quokka Says:

    That’s the Turkish menu if you want to browse. Slight differences between South Bank and Bulimba.
    I’ll hunt out the mirasoul menu and post it after this.

    Spanish or Turkish is fine with me.

  15. Quokka Says:

    Mirasoul menu, to compare and contrast.
    Not sure where you park around Caxton street, up in Petrie Terrace I guess.

    Ahmet’s at South Bank is pretty much opposite the SB Car Park.
    Just in case that’s a consideration for anyone.

  16. chazfh Says:

    Thanks Q actually Ahmets was one of my choices, as is mirosoul.
    Other runners are Miro’s in New farm, or Crosstown eating house near the gabba, or finally the immortalised (by JB) Pearl

  17. Quokka Says:

    We had lunch at the Pearl one Saturday and while the food was truly marvelous its a tiny little room, cafe size and really LOUD, impossible to hear conversation over the sound of the coffee machine bouncing off the walls.
    And that was outside.
    It put us off going back.

  18. chazfh Says:

    Quokka ahh but imagine that coffee machine competing against us lot eh? poor thing won’t stand a chance!!!!

  19. Quokka Says:

    Did I mention it was popular with purveyors of prams?

  20. chazfh Says:

    In that case we’ll go somewhere else!!

  21. Quokka Says:

    Keep me posted if you have plans to go see Babes at BAT and you want company.

    A few of us girls had breakfast with Greybeard and his wife in West End on sunday and Girl Clumsy said she was trying to organize a group booking for any interested cheeseburgers on the opening night.

    I have an assignment to hand in around then so that will not be me.

    Is Marcella coming over with you for this visit?

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