Chaz Day in Brisvegas 30th April 2010

Alright youse all, after much hard the associated headaches and need to drink, I’ve decided on a location:

Mirasoul at 55 Caxton Street

So probably best to book an area as its a friday night so I’ll need to know potential numbers.

So who’ll be up for it?

Shall we go for a 6pm kick off?

Please advise soon as poss.




9 Responses to “Chaz Day in Brisvegas 30th April 2010”

  1. Dr Yobbo Says:

    Hope it goes messily. I’ll be there in spirit. Look for me in between the bourbon and the scotch.

  2. Quokka Says:

    I will bring holy water to drive off evil spirits, which are at once attracted and confused by any and all references to the number sux.

    Presuming that my spouse survives his current bout of toothache and the threatened root canal work to follow, I think you can count us both in.

    Better let us know what time you plan to go to Babes at BAT on the Saturday, otherwise I’ll assume its a matinee and turn up for the 3pm session.

  3. Mayhem Says:

    Why not? Count me in.

  4. Lerm Says:

    I’ll be with the good DrY – at the spirits rack. Have a great night and don’t forget to toast my health!

  5. Chaz Says:

    Dr Y and Lerm funny I most associate you both ewith my absinthe hallucinations…..

    Q: good work. We’re going to the evening showing at BAT on the Saturday.

    Mayhem: nice one, Chaz Day is the most ..interesting of the burger celebrations at Brisvegas partners are allowed to come if so wished.

  6. Mayhem Says:

    Thanks Chaz, but as my partner lives in melbourne, it’s unlikely he will come along. He’s quite likely to be hanging out with Lerm and The Doc.

  7. Quokka Says:

    OK Chaz. I’ll check with MM and get onto GC about tickets and see if we’re all allowed to sit together.

    But not now.
    Later, when I’m back from foraging for pizza and ice cream.

  8. Quokka Says:

    Football fan alert:
    The Bloke has just informed me that there will be a boncos game at Suncorp tonight. This means Caxton street will be a zoo till 7.30pm and again after 9pm.

    Parking may be a problem, so can I suggest all those heading to mirasoul factor that in.
    1. There’ll be nowhere to park
    2. All the side streets around there will be on a 2 hour parking limit that evening.
    3. Taxis may be hard to come by at various times.

    Sorry we didn’t realize this sooner. He’s an AFL fan.
    I ignore the world of Men And Balls so I had No Clue.

    See you all tonight.
    Cheers, Q.

  9. Quokka Says:

    Now he tells me it’s all a 15 minute zone around there.
    I’ll see if I can get the word out on twitter.

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