Chaz Day in Brisvegas Update


I’ve booked for 16 and there’s at least 6 people who still have not confirmed so it looks like it will be a lively evening.

Because there will be so many of us I think it’s best if we go for a function menu.

They have a good one for $30 which is a choice of 5 of the below plus some pizzas

Thai caramelised prawns
Salt and pepper calamari w tequila and lime aioli
Crispy asparagus rolls w XO sauce
Smokey BBQ beef ribs (g)
Vegetarian risotto balls w aioli (v)
Salt & pepper chicken wings w house ranch sauce (g)
Beer battered sweet corn fritters w roast chilli sauce (v)
Meatballs w tomato chutney (g)
Mushrooms stuffed w baked ricotta, olives & parmesan (v)

This will mean we’ll get the food quickly and then concentrate on drinking.

I’ll put a Deposit down next week.

So far I’ve got confimrations from

Marcela & I (of course); NatV; Girl Clumsy; Beeso; Moko; Monster Yuppy; Albion love den, Damian and his good lady wife, Quokka and the bloke, Mayhem, Patricia , and Jenn’s squeeze Medway.

Still awaiting confirmations from

The Scribe, Domestic Daze, MickH, Greybeard.

Looks like we’ll get a visit from Morgana the next night for Tassie Babes.

So it’s sounding like it’ll be a monster mash..Man!!

Really looking forward to meeting up and have a few drinks.

15 Responses to “Chaz Day in Brisvegas Update”

  1. Quokka Says:

    I don’t think Jen has squeezed him yet.
    So if somebody wants to set up skype, we can show her how it’s done.

  2. Quokka Says:

    Right. Sorted.
    I’ve got our tickets for Sat 1st 8pm. They are in the third row.
    I thought Marcela and Morgana might share my fear of being spat on/picked on/bled on – or in the case of the director – lurched on – during the show.

    If there’s one thing I’ve learned from Dame Edna shows, its stay back and don’t draw attention to yourself from Theatrical types.

    You can fix me up on the night.

  3. chazfh Says:

    Thanks Q

  4. Domestic Daze Says:

    I will be there, where is it again?

  5. chazfh Says:

    DD, Mirasoul, 55 Caxton Street. 6 pm kick off

  6. Domestic Daze Says:

    I shall definately be there to annoy, however the moving target shall be at home looking after the mini me.

  7. Quokka Says:

    Chaz, I may be repeating myself but I wanted to be sure I’d told you guys about our favorite sushi place here in Brisbane. Dunno where you are staying but it is in East Brisbane, just across the park from where the City Cat stops at Mowbray Park.

    See you at Mirasoul.

  8. Girl Clumsy Says:

    Who’s lurching what now?!?!

    I should be round for snacks Chaz – I’ll just see how I go regarding a whole dinner as I’m a bit wrapped up in holy-fuck-i’ve-got-to-get-a-new-car world at the moment. šŸ˜‰

  9. Quokka Says:

    GC, have you considered a Hummer?

    Chaz, I think I’ve found the perfect place to take Havock for lunch.
    But you, knowing him better, may be the better judge of that.

    It occurred to me I should tell you about Captain Caveman’s stone grill, just in case you feel like your life is incomplete without partaking in this particular experience.
    There’s a new one looking out over the bay at the Woody Point Jetty.
    Haven’t eaten there but have been overcome by the fumes as we’re eating breakfast/gelati at the rather excellent deli next door.

  10. chazfh Says:

    Quokka no an MRAP would be better!!

    That place sounds great though….. just don’t think I’mn going to have the time to try it out myself :((

  11. Quokka Says:

    Judging by its popularity when we are there on weekends, it will still be there next time, Chaz.

    I’m trying to decode MRAP.
    The Bloke peered over my shoulder and suggested – it being Havock – that you meant ‘McCrap’.

  12. chazfh Says:

    Mine Resistant Armour Protected vehicle they’re all the rage in Iraq and the ‘Stan

  13. Guru Bob Says:

    Have fun – I expect photos…

  14. Quokka Says:

    Yes yes, but this is Brisbane.
    What’s the visibility rating for spotting slouch bikes?

  15. Quokka Says:

    Guys, apparently there’s a football match on at Suncorp tonight.
    Parking could be a problem.
    The Bloke tells me there’s a 15 minute parking zone for about a 3km radius around the stadium.

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