Sorry to Dissapoint…

But I am still around.

Don’t groan all at once!

Am moving along with my short story in the South Atlantic.

On monday am meeting the feared DrejCommand for tapas as he’s down from the torpical north. So its basically Chaz Day in Perth (as Drej are energy based creatures they can’t have a day of their own).

And the next thing on the horizon is Chaz Day in Melbourne. Am awaiting confirmation from JP as to Fox 5’s launch date and then I can book my flights and accomodation.

At the moment if things mirror last year. It will be the end of the last week of August. I’ll come over on the thursday and we’ll celebrate¬† Chaz Day that night. It’s looking like BlueFire at Docklands will be the venue. Due to a reasonable price and huge portion sizes.

Guru Bob and Barnes are suggesting chinese dumplings for lunch on the friday plus the chance of some gaming. Orin seems to in for that as well.

Then i’ll fly back on the sunday, but not the early flight this time!

Oh and saw “Predators” the other day, much more enjoyable than that other human/alien interaction movie “Avatar”. However still not convinced that an AA-12 is a realistic field weapon.

12 Responses to “Sorry to Dissapoint…”

  1. Guru Bob Says:

    Sounds pretty good to me – still want to see that movie – will have to see what Barnes is doing – although Sweet Thang is interested in seeing Inception – so that may happen first…

  2. Barnesm Says:

    Oh HELLA YEAH, Bluefire Grill mmmmm. If I can find a way (care and responsibility for a 10 year old only sticking point)

  3. Barnesm Says:

    Shouldn’t we look for a high curry factor place for Havsy

  4. chazfh Says:

    Am now having second thoughts about BlueFire Grill as had a bit of a search review wise and they are not too positive :((

    Am starting to think about the Mitre or the indian restaurant whcih is is opposite. The mitre has reasonable steaks and off course pub prices for booze. And the indian accross the way has a good rep.

    Barnes, you could always pick up the lad bring him for an early dinner and then head off before it gets too boozy esp if we go the the indian place. If not then we can meet for lunch on the Friday.

    Probably seeing Inception this weekend

  5. bangarrr Says:

    Chazday already! Sounds good.

  6. Guru Bob Says:

    I have heard good things about the Indian place at Docklands – would recommend the Meccah Bah restaurant there as well.

    But my vote woudl be that we go a bit further west to the Station Hotel in Footscray – best steaks EVER + they have White Rabbit on tap…

  7. Guru Bob Says:

    By the way – saw Inception on huge screen on weekend – pretty damn good – the fight scenes in the hallways are like Singing in the Rain meets Quantum of Solace!

  8. chazfh Says:

    GB shouldnt that be EVAAR?

    Look I don’t mind hacking out to Footscray but feel a more central locale might be better for others on a school night.

    Saw Inception on Saturday night. both Marcela & I enjoyed it. M really enjoyed that Hallway fight scene as well.

  9. Guru Bob Says:

    Its just up the road from Docklands – not too far at all…

    Will wait to hear from other steakholders?

  10. chazfh Says:

    GBob sorry that pun was just too much!!

  11. Guru Bob Says:

    LOL – no-one else even noticed…

    So what is happening do I need to take a day off to stuff around?

  12. Lawanna Says:

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