Chaz Day in Melbourne ’10

Well people its now official.

Chaz Day in Melbourne this year will be on Sept 2nd.

Now as a venue Guru bob has suggested this place:

I had thought about Blue Fire in the Docklands but have read a number of poor reviews.

other options are:

The Mitre :

Squires Loft:

or the immortal Vlados: 

So I’m open to peoples suggestions..within reason.

So start saving your pennies!


6 Responses to “Chaz Day in Melbourne ’10”

  1. Barnesm Says:

    Is it lunch or dinner? Lunch is cool, dinner a bit tricky

  2. chazfh Says:

    Dinner, but I do have a cunning plan….

  3. Dr Yobbo Says:

    I shall be drinking beers on the company Amex in Queenstown that day. Or is it that week, I can’t remember precisely. Anyhoo have a good one and keep Havsy on message and off platform.

  4. chazfh Says:

    Dr Y I wish i could get all my food and drink consumption paid for by the company on this trip. It’s only the business lunches so far…..

  5. Nautilus Says:

    I shall be drinking beers in the balmy sun whilst relaxing in a luxury hotel in Cairns.


  6. chazfh Says:

    Ok then as the Guru has a prior commit until about 7:30. I think we’ll go to the Mitre. I’ll need some numbers by next week.

    Naut shame you won’t be around.

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