How far have we come?

This is not the blog I had planned to write. That one on the snowballing danger in Pakistan due to the floods will have a wait a while.

We have just had an election which was filled with platitudes from the Politicians seeking election. We had an incumbent government saying how much they’d done and how much of a risk the nasty, mean spirited Liberal/Nationals Coalition were and how they would wreck the country and bring back Dickensian work practices.

Well as the election hype was reaching it’s zenith in an orgy of recrimination, lies & political self interest. A mother placed her newly born daughter in a box and left the box in a garden in Sydney. Police now think the bay stayed alive for nearly a day.

I’m not going to go one about the mother or compare her with Keli Lane (who is on trial for infanticide because children allegedly didn’t suit her lifestyle), but there is a comparison in that as a society we have let these women and many others like them down.

A lack of moral and material support, a lack of medical support in either contraception or if really needed abortion. Just look at the problems in getting the old ‘morning after pill’ authorised (Thanks to one T Abbott). The wealth of self interest is quite clear in many ways. Eg the way the matter of child abuse in the NT was made solely an aboriginal problem not one that also was prevalent in whitefella society. The way that federal money for homeless housing was siphoned into the BER scheme because of cost blowouts  (I guess the homeless don’t vote ALP either eh Julia?).

The Howard years saw more money going to the middle and aspirational classes not to those who could not help themselves or needed real help.  But after three years of an alleged social democrat ALP government that has not really changed.

Social housing (or the lack of it) is a major issue and is not being addressed properly at state of Commonwealth levels. Religious belief is being used to delay science, political expediency is wrecking lives and it seems we don’t care.

When we see animal cruelty on a frequent basis along with the cruelty to the most helpless in our society you know there is something drastically wrong.

We continue to pat ourselves on our collective backs about how far we’ve come, and how we’re moving forward and to be honest I see little change from 40 years ago.


3 Responses to “How far have we come?”

  1. Dr Yobbo Says:

    Keep telling the McMansioned middle class they’re ‘doing it tough’ and soon enough they’re (a) believing it and (b) looking for someone to blame for it. That was as much a social democrat ALP as I am a Tea Partyist.

  2. drej08 Says:

    Actually, I’d be interested in your take on the floods.
    It staggers me that 200 Million !!! people are affected by these, yep, equiv to 70% of the US popn, and the mainstream media interest in this is near non-existent, certainly compared to Katrina, or any other “western” disaster of late.
    But, here, hey, Ben Cousins is sooo much more news-worthy!!
    Makes me sick.

  3. Barnesm Says:

    They have snowballs in Pakistian?

    Your right about the narrowing of the debate to that middle ground. One of the greatest tricks the parties pulled off is convincing so many people to act against their best interest for some undefined aspirational goal.

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