Melbourne persists….despite my best efforts!

after many promises i finally managed to make it over to Melbourne for the first few days of September. partly for business and partly for pleasure.

I arrived on the wednesday and the city welcomed me with open arms, ie it was cold, windy and wet….

Got my luggage quickly and was soon unpacking at my apartment. Then I scurried down Little Bourke Street to have my back put back into place at the Sakura Lounge. Service was very good and very cheap for the qulaity of the treatments I feel.

I then had to rush accross the CBD to meet up with JP. Had a drink at his unlces place before heading off to Cookie for a few more beverages. Where we talked the talk and caught up. Unfortunately the evening was truncated as he had a business call booked in so It was back to the apartment  for me for soem dinner and I caught “The book of Eli” on the TV which I did enjoy.

On thursday it was down to soutn Melbourne for a business meeting before having a lunch from the Earl Canteen and i releaxed ready for the upcoming Chaz Day celebrations.

Bangar was a prompt arrival at the Mitre tavern but as time dragged on there were some notable non-attendents. IE Havock who had a bit of a problem with his weekdays. Orin sent his apologies and AlbionLove Den went to the gym instead. No matter Guru Bob soon appeared and we started to comunme a fair amount of Dead animals. After dinner we adjourned next door for a quick drink before heading our seperate ways.

My friday morning meeting was canceled but I still needed to pop up to Brunswick and after a quick wander headed back down to the Vic Markets to wander drooling around the various food stalls. Then it was a quick walk back to the appt dropped off my stuff then heaed over to meet up with Barnes and Guru Bob. The good guru had previously recommended a beverage serving company called the Captains of industry & as it was on my way I popped in and immediately rated it as a cool place to go.

A quick half was downed at cookie before meeting up with the aforesaidmentioned gents and we moved sedately into China town for a yum cha feed. This consumed Barnes had to head on back to work & Bob showed me a few bookstores I’d not yet visited before we heaed over to central and watched the post modern ironic classic “The Expendables” which we both enjoyed, understanding as educated men of the world the subtlies and nuances of the plot and cinematography! 

Bob then went off to get pwned playomng company of heroes by some teenager in wyoming at a local internet cafe whilst i went and tarted myself up for my evening assignation.

As you all know I’m a shy and retiring type. So I faced the idea of the Horror Writers Masque with some reserve. The event was great and everyone seemed to make an effort. Ned and Beans outfits whcih were based on the manequins form “The girl beyond the fireplace” were very impressive. As were the four lasses dressed as the seasons & the press zombie.

I had a great time chatting to James and Irene, two independent horror film makers from NSW. you can find James Blog at:

We visited the nearby hotel for a decent after ball party but finding none then headed to the casino. Where, due to the excellence of james mask meant that we had probs getting into the place. irenes charm though got us into one of the bars. After a final drink we parted and i headed home dreading the next morning.

With it seems good reason as I was throughly hungover..for some strange reason.

Well after consuming some pain killers and some fat laden food i headed off to World Con. Luckily it was easy to find the Immortla Dirk Flinthart and Barnes (plus two offspring). I had a great afternoon  with them and enjoyed catching up with dirk, whom I haven’t actually seen in two years. the highlight was i have to say not the panel on ePublishing but the Girl Genius radio show

The afternoon finshed too soon and then i was on my way again in the inclement weather to Squires Loft for dinner. i have to say that whilst i like dthe venue and the service was good, the marinade they use on the steaks put me off. After this I settled in for the night putting beyond use the booze I ‘d bought and watching ‘the hurt locker’.

Sunday morning was spent doing domestic chores and catching up again with JP for a quick coffee before he had to head off to do a panel at the MWF. I just had time to pack upbefore heading back to the airport and headed back west.

All in all a great time.


6 Responses to “Melbourne persists….despite my best efforts!”

  1. Barnesm Says:

    Indeed we did, and great to see you.

  2. Flinthart Says:

    Sorry there wasn’t longer to play, Chaz. I guess you could see why – although there were a couple of quiet hours in there. Did you know about the Girl Genius mob before, or is this your introduction? They’ve got nine grapic-novel sized comics out now, working on their tenth: all good gear.

  3. Dr Yobbo Says:

    Melbourne persists… seems it was persisting down for much of the trip.

  4. chazfh Says:

    Barnes: Great to see you again. Next time we’ll have to try and have a games evening.

    DF: Will make an effort the next time you’re in the mainland to catch up. AS for the girlgenius stuff. No first time I’ve encountered it. but remember when the creator used to do the illustrations for Asprins myth Inc series.

    DR Y: fortunately the only day it was really cold was the wednesday.

  5. bangarrr Says:

    Always good to catch up Chaz, see you next Chaz day.

  6. Guru Bob Says:

    It was great to se eyou – the Expendables was hilarious – one day though I will beat that little kid in Wyoming!!

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