Chaz Day in Sydney

Well people and non-euclidean squigly things from beyond the stars it’s time for another Chaz Day in Sydney.

Date: 2nd December

I was thinking of holding it at Philips Foote, whcih’ll mean the drinks will be cheaper and also there are plenty of other bars to drink in later.

Also I think i’m staying in Walsh Bay so will be handy for me!!

As usual all are welcome with kick off at about 6pm.

BTW this will also give Sydney the chance to give Melb a good kicking after the pawltry turn out a few months ago at The Mitre Tavern!

So looking forward to a good burnt feed and booze!

BTW Marcela will not be able to make it this year as she’ll be in Buenos Aires!


8 Responses to “Chaz Day in Sydney”

  1. maggsworld Says:

    Woohoo – I am in.

  2. barnesm Says:

    Can’t be as good as Chaz day in Melbourne

  3. bangarrr Says:

    May be worth reminding people the day before, it’s happened before with people getting their days mixed up 😉

  4. chazfh Says:

    Bangar maybe run a countdown? !!!

  5. Quokka Says:

    If you are staying at Walsh Bay, keep an eye out for the Love Boat.
    Did we tell you that story of how it got pulled up three times by the water police, forced to pull up and unload the party crowd opposite our hotel room, boarded and searched by the drug squad, and a few of the brighter sparks on board decided to dive into the water, thinking they could outswim the water police.

    Much more entertaining than the show we saw at the Oprah House later that night and free of charge from the comfort of our hotel room.

    Watch out for the vampire rabbit colony on the hill under the story bridge.
    I hear they all wear speedos and run triathlons.

  6. Therbs Says:

    I’m in. Haven’t been into Phillips Foote for a few years now, used to be good steak. The Rocks – more options than a Datsun 180B.

  7. chazfh Says:

    Therbs, haven’t visited the Foote since ’07. but its a fun meet esp as people always overcook their steaks as they’re too busy yapping and drinking!

    Also I’m now staying in the Rocks, so it’s flowing distance!

  8. Therbs Says:

    On the overcooked steak thing its so easy to do when cooking them yourself at a pub. This time mine’s gonna be three slurps of beer first side, two slurps of beer flip side and then let the steak rest while I get a bottle of red.
    Okay, so we’ll see how well my ambition goes.

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