Well I’ve failed at my first attempt for NaNoWriMo, real life has intruded far to much and so far I’ve only written a grand total of 6K. That means pumping out 44K in less than 20 days. & I can tell you now that is not going to happen.

Its a shame really as I’m enjoying the bleak wilderness that is post apocalyptic London. The Purebloods living the life of luxury in kensington gardens. The Voudons in southern London experimenting with the ‘near dead’ and the ghouls (the cause of apocalypse) slowly building their own kingdom in the warren of tunnels that run under Londons ancient streets.

So i’m going to keep on writing the story but it won’t be finished by the end of november.


4 Responses to “NaNoWriMo….FAIL!!!”

  1. maggsworld Says:

    I wait with bated breath for the next installment. And I understand busy.

  2. Domestic Daze Says:

    Having a mild dis-like (Or seething hatred. Whatever.) for boundaries, time limits, and other ‘rules’ I shall proceed at my own pace quite happily, but then again, most of my story is yet to unfold.

  3. Barnesm Says:

    I was looking forward to “bleak wilderness that is post apocalyptic London” too.

  4. Therbs Says:

    “experimenting with the near dead” – now that’s meddling with forces beyond our control.

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