Seasons greetings……

Another year almost down the tube..

Where has the time gone I ask myself?

Xmas at Chez Chaz will be a quiet affair this year, the only excitment being High Tea at the Duxton Hotel for Xmas Eve.

Will be working at the Native Animal Rescue Centre in Malaga, Xmas and Boxing Day mornings.

New Years Eve will be celebrated at Upper Reach Winery again this year.

I wish you all a merry Christmas &  a Happy New Year  and would like to leave you with the following thoughts:

Merry Christmas from the DHS!


5 Responses to “Seasons greetings……”

  1. Big Bad Al Says:

    Merry Christmas & All the best for the New Year Chaz.

    A quiet Christmas here as well… Just Maureen & I and a quiet dinner.

  2. Barnesm Says:

    The war on Christmas starts NOW

  3. Therbs Says:

    Hope it was a good one Chaz. have a great New Year’s, that winery gig sounds like the dogs bollocks.

  4. Quokka Says:

    Seasons greetings to you & M, Chazzles.
    Now, down to business.
    The Bloke is concerned about access to tropical fruit in WA.
    Apparently he’s not moving any place you can’t buy red pawpaws.
    He’s been spending 1-3 days per week in some lush hotel at Cairns for work lately and apparently they do a corker of a tropical fruit platter.

    I told him I would defer to your wisdom on this.

  5. Guru Bob Says:

    Hey dude – belated seasons greetings and all that…

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