Back to the frozen mother country..& Chaz Day goes international!

Some of you already know that my Step-Father is quite ill, and that I’ve made a decision to make a flying visit back to the frozen wastes of the Mother Country to raise his spirits (don’t know if my ‘duty free’ allowances will do much to that)!

Those of you from the J-space days will remember how much I hated my return to the UK back in 2007, when I had to go back for my Father funeral. The conflicting emotions of family and filial loyalty warred with a basic wish not to be in the UK or spending the money to be there.

The bottom line is that I’ve not seen him in seven years and if things do turn nasty then at least I’ve ‘done the right thing’. Of course if things do go south then I’ll be racking up the airmiles but will need to do more Assessments to pay this expenditure off. The only bright side to this passion play is that cus the AUS$ is so strong my living costs will be manageable

So in less than a month I’ll be back in the UK.

As about half of the trip will be in North Wales I have decided to have a Chaz Day in Birmingham, its likely to be Friday 25th February, location to be determined but there used to be a ‘walkabout’ bar near to where I’m staying so maybe a little slice of faux-Oz will make it more relevant…


6 Responses to “Back to the frozen mother country..& Chaz Day goes international!”

  1. Therbs Says:

    Have a good steak (Margaret River red to accompany it), at the Wanker if possible, a fine ale and follow up with a decent whisky. You won’t be able to do A mini Rocks pub crawl but I’m sure you’ll make do.

  2. maggsworld Says:

    Hope it all goes well for you. Wave at all my rellies in Bolton on the way, will you? My uncle ( whose wife passed in November) is heading Ausways to spend some time with my mum “to help her” – this should be amusing.

  3. Domestic Daze Says:

    Rotten reason to be going to the old dart. Hopefully the trip will bring you some good moments. Bon voyage.

  4. chazfh Says:

    Thank you all

  5. bangarrr Says:

    Sorry to hear the news Chaz, take care and keep warm.

  6. Quokka Says:

    Ditto from us.

    xox Q

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