Exclusivity of Air Travel & Family…how both dissapoint

Well I’m back from the frozen mother country, despite promises form certain persons to ensure I got a warm welcome back from Customs! Although ‘Border Security’ were filing at Perth Airport were filming on my return!!

My flights reinforced my belief that most air travellers are selfish pigs, infact that is probbaly an insult to those pocines who gives us all that lovely porky goodness. it really hacks me off when my fellow passengers pile in with what seems to be their main luggage and try and squeeze them into the overhead lockers. Thus depriving anyone who arrives a few moments later of some storage space.

Then on exiting the plane you get to see the amount of crap and rubbish people dump on the cabin floor and their seats. I’m sorry but it is clear (to me at least) that maybe some people should not be allowed to fly, and it has to be said that ability to pay large amounts on wonga for tickets is not a suitable test as business class is no different to cattle class.

Anyway the flights back to the UK were ok and on time. As soon as I arrived and did a quick change of clothes i went accross the road for a nice greasy doner and chips. Was quite happy with the Radisson Blu in B’ham. Breakkie was good as was the midday checkout. The only pain was that a minor teeny bopper group were also staying at the hotel so the lobby and outside was full of their ‘fans’.

The train journey to my parent was a bit of a nightmare and lasted five hours rather than 3 and a half. After dinner with my parents I had a wander around Barmouth and discovered it was down to only 3 pubs. God that town is strange and also not a little depressing.

My step-fathers prognosis is still unclear although it is clear he has bone cancer the specialists say that is only a 2ndry issue but they don’t know what the primary is… The poor man is very depressed and sick and tired of the constant round of tests (which require a 130 mile round trip) which seem to produce no meaningful results. The good thing was that as the weather was miserable we got to spend a fair amount of time together watching the ICC world cup matches.

Coming back to B’ham was less stressful and I stayed at the Novotel. Got blown out by one friend because she misread my original email to her and thought I was  staying in London, so had booked a table at Kettners and had aplnned spending the rest of the evening at Ronny Scotts! Instead I had excellent fish & chips at the Great British Eaterie. a place I can heartly recommend as has my old pal Simon Majumdar


So if you are ever in the area check them out.

Thursday started off as a disaster, with my aunt having given me the wrong address of where my grandparents and father were buried. it took me all morning to finally get the right place only to find that she had ensured that there was no mention that my father had a child on the gravestone. A sijmple ‘loving father & son” would have been fine, instead there was some mindless platitude.

That pretty much finished me off so i headed back to B’ham in a shite mood. Lunch was faggots, peas, gravy & mash at the GBE and then I started drinking. Alcohol wasn’t hvaing alot of effect so I heaed off to the Rose Murree Indian restaurant for a curry. the suervice and food were great


I then headed back to the hotel and drank a bit more finally rationalising my dislike of many things…

Friday was better. sorted out the basics like laundry and had a great chat with a guy working at a local laundry who did an effective service wash for me which is didn’t have to. Lunch was again at the GBE as I knew I’d need to line my stomach for later on. As in the afternoon I met up with my old friend Bob McIntyre.

Bob & I have known each other since the first week in Uni and we spent about 8 or so hours drinking and catching up. he’d come up to B’ham on business abnd managed to book into the novotel as well. the evening went swimmingly although we both agreed that the pubs were not that hot.

He left early the next morning but I got to hang on for a shortwhile before heading off to the airport. The flights back were all delayed and my fellow passengers it seemed were similar to my previous lot so left a trail of debris behind them when leaving the plane. 

Am now back and glad to be home. Am throughly knackered as my internal clock is buggered due to flying through multiple timezones with almost no time to recover.

At lease I’ve got Chaz Day in Melbourne to look forward to on the 22nd March

7 Responses to “Exclusivity of Air Travel & Family…how both dissapoint”

  1. barnesm Says:

    Okay, good to hear about it, one question to what are the faggots in “Lunch was faggots” ?

  2. chazfh Says:

    Faggots are an offal meatball


  3. Flinthart Says:

    Barnes… thank you so goddam much for asking that question. I had no idea at all that ‘faggots’ could be a food term. I know ‘faggots’ as a bundle of sticks, for burning. And of course, there’s the commonplace pejorative for male homosexuals. But — offal meatballs?

    Never heard of it. And frankly, offal meatballs sound filthy. Bleah!

    Welcome back, Chaz.

  4. Flinthart Says:

    PS: yeah, long distance air travel is fun. Try it with three kids under age ten. I’m pleased to say that we don’t leave a garbage trail behind us as a family, though. No way would I put up with that from my kids.

  5. chazfh Says:

    Dirk, will have to cook some for you one day, they are lovely but very rich in flavor.

    Worst thing is though most of the crap left behind is from adults but glad you are keeping the kids on the straight and narrow.

  6. Mozambique Says:

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  7. Reunion Says:

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