Chaz Day in Melbourne 2011

Well only a couple of weeks until Melbourne gets to feel my special luurrvv!

Am in town for 2 Green Star design courses on the 22nd and 23rd.

We’re looking at celebrating Chaz Day on Tuesday the 22nd March.

Relatively early kick-off as its a school night and all…

Now as to a venue.. I was originally thinking of Squires Loft but after finding (to my horror on my last trip over) that they use a baste. I think we can safely kick that into touch.

So I think the following are possible:

Mitre tavern (as we had a good meal there last year)

Cookie: lots of people watching

Curry Vault: opposite the Mitre and now viable option as Havsy has finally admitted to eating  ‘foreign muck’

What say you all?

BTW for those of you are are calendarly challenged the 22nd March is a TUESDAY!! (you know who you are)


3 Responses to “Chaz Day in Melbourne 2011”

  1. Greybeard Says:

    Last time I went to Chaz Day, I was hailed by an ex-student while waiting outside a brothel. Wish I was going to be in Melbourne. Strange things happen on . . . Chaz Day.

  2. bangarrr Says:

    All options sound good. I like the Mitre for beer choice so it could be a good place to start.

  3. chazfh Says:

    Greybeard: it is a random day when random things happen, like when we were stopped form going into a bar because Guru Bob was wearing a suit!

    Bangar: so a curry might be on order then..

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