Tony, Julia & Kevin. The Odd Couple of Menege a trios!

The Mad Monks move to try and have a plebiscite on the Carbon Tax is a smart piece of politics but a dumb move. It’s smart as he knows it’ll be applauded by a voting public that is seemingly tired with the current government and it’s policies. It’ll also be applauded as ‘sound reasoning’ by the Shock Jocks & the bottom dwelling filter feeders that read rags like the Daily Telegraph & the Sun Herald.

It’s dumb however as the government has no need under the Westminster system to seek popular support as long as it continues to receive support from the Independents and the Greens one MP.

But this is where it becomes a smart move again as the government has shown itself to be a past master as not being able to defend its position in a manner understandable to those who are not APS’s or Pollies. Also its smart, because a true progressive party would not hesitate to go to the nation on a matter of important legislation like the Carbon Tax for which it dismissed out of hand just days before last years election. But the ALP ceased to be a true progressive party many, many years ago. Julia & her Senior Ministers know that their grasp on power is tenuous in the extreme and thanks to Tony Abbotts constant electioneering, poor press and the fact that the legislation is looking like a dogs breakfast anyway, going to the voters would mean that the Carbon Tax would die a death.

There is a school of thought that states that the ALP’s desire to remain in power no matter what is good as it keeps the Mad Monk out of power. It is a continuous argument that is rehashed every day in the Comments pages of the Fairfax and ABC websites. It misses the point however that no matter what the ‘informed’ believe to be correct the ‘people’ have the right to vote how they like, and yes that means that we might yet see the Mad Monk as PM *shudder*.

This is where the next strand of this polluted little passion play comes in, at a time where the government is even more unpopular than the Rodent ever was (well according to opinion polls). It is nearly a year since our glorious Foreign Minister was removed from his previous position as Prime Minster by a collection of pollies and union powerbrokers who believed that Kevin 747 was an albatross around the neck of the Party. One can almost imagine Shorten doing a Terry Jones impression before a select band of caucus and union leaders “he’s not the Messiah he’s a naughty boy!”.

How they must have larffed!

Surprisingly The Boy Kevin has not taken his Caesar-like removal well & his current harping on & media appearances have reinforced his dislike of the PM & her supporters. The fact that he was planning to hold a party this week to commemorate his removal, shows clearly that he wants to make the party suffer. Also he believes that the PM will do nothing against him as she ‘knows’ he will resign, so triggering a bye-election which will mean the effective end of the current government.

So Kevvy can do his little song and dance routine and remain untouchable, whilst Julia’s popularity continues to drop. That Kevin seems to self delude himself that the party will remove the PM before the next election is indicative that he is still surrounding himself with yes men. His supposed damascene acknowledgement that he was a less than perfect PM, made it abundantly clear that this piece of humility is more based on his greater popularity than the PM as leader of the ALP (again according to the opinion polls), than a self realisation that he was elevated above his ability.

I still believe that the right thing for the ALP would have been not to try and form a minority government last year. It could have used the post election period to reform itself & start developing in depth some real policies to take to the electorate. Unfortunately though the movers & shakers in the party and it’s affiliated organisations, could not face removing their snouts from the trough of power and patronage.

In the end though what does this mean for us, the people who these great & lordly members of the Political Class allegedly serve? It means that we will get more and more anger against the government as it is perceived by the majority of voters as being disconnected from the realities of normal life. It will also mean that the government will resort to more and more desperate measures to try and score votes. So although the QLD ALP have voted for ‘mixed’ marriages, don’t expect gay & lesbian marriage being on the cards at the ALP conference. Julia needs the conservative Christian vote. So the ‘Malaysia Refugee Solution’ will go ahead if the Malaysians agree to the deal (even though the benefit to Australia will be minimal). As for live meat exports the government is in the cleft stick but will likely back down. It’s lost the farming vote almost completely now after the Murray-Darling debacle & now this.

Oh and the reform of the party? Forget it.

And on the sidelines Kevin will wring his hands and brief against the government whilst spending ever more time abroad & the Mad Monk will run around with his box of matches. Could be worse though at least we’ve got another mining boom on the way & we’re not Greece!


2 Responses to “Tony, Julia & Kevin. The Odd Couple of Menege a trios!”

  1. Barnesm Says:

    You are right, A plague on both their houses.

  2. maggsworld Says:

    Better still, let’s abolish government and rule by plebiscite, and let Tin Tin have his Axe Anniversary party!!!

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