Chaz Day in Brisvegas

So it is now less than a month to the highlights of Brisbane’s cultural year.

Chaz Day on the 11th November & the premiere of Simon Bedaks theatre adaptation of John Birmingham & Dirk Flintharts “How To Be A Man”. This piece of outtsanding and sensitive drama will be directed by the lovely Natalie Bochenski as is being produced at the Brisbane Arts Theatre. So go and see it, but don’t take anyone of a delicate disposition.

Bedes is in charge of organising drinks and a meal before the premiere so its just up to me to organise Chaz Day.

I’ve booked an area at The Claret House in Tenerife

 I’ve got the following commits (sort of) so far:


John Birmingham

Janet Leach (possibly plus David) but i have it on good authoirty that if Janet cannot make it that Fashionista extraudinaire De De Zign will attend.




The formidable Quokka and ‘im in doors


Sue Hetherington & hubby

Therbs (up from the emerald city)

It is going to be a evening of erudite discussion and moderate drinking..err or maybe not!

All are welcome as long and you pay for your booze and I’m trying to negotiate a package deal for food so fairly accurate numbers would be useful.


2 Responses to “Chaz Day in Brisvegas”

  1. GirlClumsy Says:

    “Outstanding and sensitive drama”…. got it in one. 🙂

    Barring any unforeseen disasters with tech week, I’ll be there with bells on!

  2. quokka Says:

    ‘im indoors may quite possibly be ‘im in Cairns, hard at work designing bariatric sick quarters that can prevent their inmates from becoming airborne in category 5 tropical cyclones the size of the USA.
    I never know from one week till the next what he’s doing so sorry fluffy but you won’t know what his schedule is until the Boss Man tells us. Being generous souls, that means 2 days notice, tops.
    However I’m good for show and tell at Casa Quokka on Friday arvo and for taxi/tour guide services on Saturday.
    BCC is still chewing their cud over our DA but has, for the time being, deemed it ‘Generally inappropriate’.
    Which is probably an accurate assessment for contemporary/green architecture in a character residential street.
    Looking forward to seeing you both.

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