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Chaz’s royal progress in Victoria..well almost

March 28, 2011

Transport wise this visit to Melbourne ran very well.

No delays on the flights, managed to baord really quickly. The downside was I got old 767’s each time so no choice in movies, so did a fair amount of reading.

Also the skybus was there waiting so made good time into town, another plus being no rain!

Got a good appt overlooking Movida & Earl Canteen, but unfortunately no flying fox to get me to either venue quickly :((

Lunch was a rather excellent roast pork bagette from Earl Canteen with a gorgeous salted caramel and dark choc tart to finish. I have to say that this place always seems to produce consistantly excellent food, and is a major reason to stay at the Mantra on Little Bourke.

Dinner was with JP, Soprano Grrl and JP’s young brother Jesse at an indian restaurant in Richmond. Also got to meet a work collegue of SG’s an up and coming tenor.

Chaz Day arrived and I had a great course on Office Interior Fitouts (which may not float your boat) the content was well presented, and the tutor was this hawt Russian woman which helped!

After the course finsihed I met up with Guru Bob and we went to this italain place for a reasonable lunch washed down by a cheeky Soave. So Chaz Day has really started!

Next up was Battle: Los Angeles which was not nearly as bad as expected and although it had a few minor technical errors it was worth scoring as well as a DVD buy when that time comes.

Then it was time to hit the pub and so we went to this little Oirish place just around the corner form the Mitre before heading to the desginated meeting spot.

And there we waited Guru Bob & I. Bug Naut turned up just after six but there was no sign of anyone else. Allegeldy Havsy has said he was running late and so was going straight home (wuss).

Then Bangar appears foirm deeper within the confines of the Mitre saying that He, Mayhem & Albion Love Den (better know as Ben) had been there for nearly an hour!

Anyway we made up for lost time until half seven when Naut had to go home. We then flowed accross Bank place and down into the Curry Vault.

The Dinner was reasonably priced and enjoyable. I knocked back most of a bottle of wine whilst everyone else went for beer. Mayhem made her excuses and went only to be rpelaced by Ben’s lovely wife (she helped me finish off the wine).

After dinner Bob, Bangar and myself went off in search of more booze but it being a tuesday night the CBD was quiet, so Bob got a taxi and Bangar & I went back to the oirish place until closing.

The next moring was a bit bright (for some reason) but the next course was not too hard and then it was tiem to meet up with Barnes and Guru Bob for lunch. in the end we dined at this swish place near to the library where most of the waitress’ seemed to be french. The food was a bit spare but all in all everything easy on the eye! I gave Barnes this pack of high grade coffee that I got specially for him (in WA) before we went our seperate ways.

The rest of the afternoon I spent chilling out with a bit of book purchasing. Had aquiet night in watching Tron: Evolution and then flew back out the next morning.

I felt it was a great Chaz Day and it was good to finally meet up with Ben & Mayhem. Havsy still hasn’t sent his apologies so better be badly injured of something! Bangar, Barnes and GB it was ever a pleasure to have some food, drink & a chat.

Anyway next up is probably Brisvegas unless ome work comes up in Sydney.


Chaz Day in Melbourne 2011

March 4, 2011

Well only a couple of weeks until Melbourne gets to feel my special luurrvv!

Am in town for 2 Green Star design courses on the 22nd and 23rd.

We’re looking at celebrating Chaz Day on Tuesday the 22nd March.

Relatively early kick-off as its a school night and all…

Now as to a venue.. I was originally thinking of Squires Loft but after finding (to my horror on my last trip over) that they use a baste. I think we can safely kick that into touch.

So I think the following are possible:

Mitre tavern (as we had a good meal there last year)

Cookie: lots of people watching

Curry Vault: opposite the Mitre and now viable option as Havsy has finally admitted to eating  ‘foreign muck’

What say you all?

BTW for those of you are are calendarly challenged the 22nd March is a TUESDAY!! (you know who you are)

‘Home Made’.. how very true

May 11, 2009

Last night was the first episode of channel 9’as new and much hyped design competion ‘Home Made’ and it certainaly lived up to it’s name.

Now there are some pretty basic guidelines when you start a competition show of this type:

  • You make it clear who’s who contestant wise
  • The guide/mentor is not a stereotype as they have to hold the show together
  • You need to know who is judging this
  • You need to know what the prize is.

The show failed on all counts. It’s not clear how much experience the contestants have, although part way through the first episode they kindly mentioned under the persons name what they did. The guide is labeled as a ‘design guru’ and ticked all the boxes for the stereotype of a camp couldn’t they have used a women (lesbian or othewise) or a straight man? there must be a couple in the industry.

The judges are a mystery..maybe they’re hoping it will make people watch the next episode in anticipation?

And the prize? well it was sort of chucked in the mix as a random comment $100K allegedly.

They’ve got the contestants all staying together in what looks to be a Double Bay exec house over looking the harbour. But nothing is explained…and then they split them into two teams but the editing is so haphazard it’s hard to know who’se  in which team.

Then the game starts err but budgets only get mentioned part way through, $50K a house (at least for the first house) and it’s clear that this is only basically made clear to the contestants late on as well. And the owners of the houses? They’re being made to sleep out in the garden. Now this is being touted as a BIG competion and they can’t put a family of four up in a Quest apartment for a week?

I was really looking forward to getting an additional double shot of interior design porn  (in addtion to Grand Designs) on my TV each week but unless they really smarten up this show i’ll be switching off.

Design is meant to be about style and class. So far the programe as shown neither of these attributes.Instead we’ve got confused programming and poor editing, dodgy competition design and a gay Harry Hill lookalike who’s not funny.

They should have poached Dermot from GD to run the show, again as it’s meant to be soooo BIG!

Score 1/10

When granite kitchen tops go bad….

April 14, 2009

The hob and oven in our apartment date back to when the development was built (about 12 years ago).

I’ve been meaning to replace them both for about 2 years now but never got round to it. However as  the hob seems intent on dropping the RCD on the whole place whenver it’s switched on at the board. I decided enough was enough and so a great Hob hunt was initiated.

So on friday morning we heaed off to the great temples of consumerism Harvey norman and Rick Hart only to find that like the rest of this sleepy town they were closed on Good Friday! Bloody cheek allowing some loony Christian festival to interfere with the gods of commerce!

Anyway undaunted by this setback, the next day Marcela and I once again went to pray at the temples, thanks in part to the suriety that St Kev the chaste and sober (wowser 1st class) would send us a bit of dosh to help us along. We even had the measurements of the hob base.

 1st up it was harvey norman and therein a problem occured as it seemed that hobs that were allegedly 600mm wide were not so. So we trapsed back to home and doubled checked not only the base size but also the exact area of the hole in the kitchen top. Hmmm 615 x 480..okay so that might make things a bit difficult.

A lo it was so, as most cermaic or induction hobs are 600mm or smaller in width. I must have taken the dimensions of nearly 40 different hobs. In the end we could only source 1 that would fit without leaving gaps to the side of the unit…One I tell you. The other option would have been to locate a contractor who could expand the hole in the granite insitu and then bought a 700mm unit. Seeing that this way could only result in spending even more money we just went with the 1 unit we could install with a minimum of fuss.

Have to say that the sales guys in both HN and RH were very helpful and not at all pushy.

The downside is thatMarcela and i are pretty busy this week so the new hob won’t get installed until next week.

I bet getting the new oven will be even more fun!!

One thing i saw which i thought was brill was an induction hob whcioh had a depression in it for Woks, I mean how cool is that?  Made by Smeg i think.

Becoming an accredited professional

April 9, 2009

Now some of you might remember that Chaz Day was celebrated with due  pomp and circumstance back in Feb. However there was another reason i was in Melbourne and that was to attend a study course held by the Green Building Council of Australia

The reason? To gain accreditation as what they call a Green Star Professional. In reality this means making it easier to get work running or helping develop (if I get my act together with some more courses)  energy/water efficient buildings. obviously the latter is more preferable as it means more money..

Anyways I took the exam and passed with a not too slack 86% not bad wheh you consdier that the exam is very targeted towards Archtects,  Interior Designers and civil engineers. And yesterday I got confirmation of my Accreditation so I am now one of only 4 property managers in WA who are accredted and one of less than 20 PM’s in the whole of Australia with such a qualification. Yeah Me!!