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Chaz’s royal progress in Victoria..well almost

March 28, 2011

Transport wise this visit to Melbourne ran very well.

No delays on the flights, managed to baord really quickly. The downside was I got old 767’s each time so no choice in movies, so did a fair amount of reading.

Also the skybus was there waiting so made good time into town, another plus being no rain!

Got a good appt overlooking Movida & Earl Canteen, but unfortunately no flying fox to get me to either venue quickly :((

Lunch was a rather excellent roast pork bagette from Earl Canteen with a gorgeous salted caramel and dark choc tart to finish. I have to say that this place always seems to produce consistantly excellent food, and is a major reason to stay at the Mantra on Little Bourke.

Dinner was with JP, Soprano Grrl and JP’s young brother Jesse at an indian restaurant in Richmond. Also got to meet a work collegue of SG’s an up and coming tenor.

Chaz Day arrived and I had a great course on Office Interior Fitouts (which may not float your boat) the content was well presented, and the tutor was this hawt Russian woman which helped!

After the course finsihed I met up with Guru Bob and we went to this italain place for a reasonable lunch washed down by a cheeky Soave. So Chaz Day has really started!

Next up was Battle: Los Angeles which was not nearly as bad as expected and although it had a few minor technical errors it was worth scoring as well as a DVD buy when that time comes.

Then it was time to hit the pub and so we went to this little Oirish place just around the corner form the Mitre before heading to the desginated meeting spot.

And there we waited Guru Bob & I. Bug Naut turned up just after six but there was no sign of anyone else. Allegeldy Havsy has said he was running late and so was going straight home (wuss).

Then Bangar appears foirm deeper within the confines of the Mitre saying that He, Mayhem & Albion Love Den (better know as Ben) had been there for nearly an hour!

Anyway we made up for lost time until half seven when Naut had to go home. We then flowed accross Bank place and down into the Curry Vault.

The Dinner was reasonably priced and enjoyable. I knocked back most of a bottle of wine whilst everyone else went for beer. Mayhem made her excuses and went only to be rpelaced by Ben’s lovely wife (she helped me finish off the wine).

After dinner Bob, Bangar and myself went off in search of more booze but it being a tuesday night the CBD was quiet, so Bob got a taxi and Bangar & I went back to the oirish place until closing.

The next moring was a bit bright (for some reason) but the next course was not too hard and then it was tiem to meet up with Barnes and Guru Bob for lunch. in the end we dined at this swish place near to the library where most of the waitress’ seemed to be french. The food was a bit spare but all in all everything easy on the eye! I gave Barnes this pack of high grade coffee that I got specially for him (in WA) before we went our seperate ways.

The rest of the afternoon I spent chilling out with a bit of book purchasing. Had aquiet night in watching Tron: Evolution and then flew back out the next morning.

I felt it was a great Chaz Day and it was good to finally meet up with Ben & Mayhem. Havsy still hasn’t sent his apologies so better be badly injured of something! Bangar, Barnes and GB it was ever a pleasure to have some food, drink & a chat.

Anyway next up is probably Brisvegas unless ome work comes up in Sydney.


Avatar a critque *WARNING SPOILERS*

January 4, 2010

Finally got to see Avatar in 3D yesterday.

I have to say in balance I don’t know if it was worth the wait.


– The world of Pandora is beautifully realised and well thought out. The SFX are amazing

– The idea of a highly evolved networked ecosystem is well thought out, and just because it is a rich ecosphere doesn’t mean that it’s ameneable to homo sapiens.

– The na’vi are not your standard alien they are deinitely feline.

– Slow interstellar space travel.

– movie moves along at a fair pace, and whiklst it is a long film it holds your attention.


-The depiction of the military is pathetic and utilises almost every negative stereotype you could want. To the informed eye, yes it is clear that a PMC is running security on Pandora but the imagery and lexicon used is likely to confuse the majority into thinking this a a pure military support role.

– The attack on the spirit tree  is almost laissez faire. The humans know that the na’vi are massing and know that they have aerial troops and yet they are completely out flanked by an attack from above. They clearly have unguided rocket pods on the gunships why did they not use those to volley fire into the area before moving in with ground troops? Also the use of mining explosives as bombs isn’t a bad idea but making the shuttle fly so low is just stupid. it should have been much higher as with that large amount of explosives pin point accurancy was not needed.

– Na’vi arrows were able to penetrate the gunships armoured glass? I mean WTF? These are stone tipped arrows. Even when fired from a bow that is say at least double the strength of a long bow it is still going to shatter and bounce off glass that is meant to repel small arms fire. Also why weren’t the smalley tilt rotors using armoured glass? it does not make sense.

– the story is pretty derivative, sort of  ‘pochantas’ meets ‘dances with wolves’ meets ‘aliens’ with every ‘noble savage’ stereotype you could want with positive scientist stereotypes and negative corporate/military stereotypes.

– Cameron is allegedly quoted as saying it’s a comment on Iraq and the ‘Stan. well I’m terribly sorry Mr Cameron but what you have produced is actually a hi-tech western or allegory about the rise of the Dutch east india company or the Raj. But it clear form some comments that resource wars are the natue of the day in the mid 22nd Century.

– if the Na’vi are so in tune with the planet why can’t they tell that the dozers are coming? surely the trial of destruciton would have caused a reaction in the ecosphere network? 

– The na’vi are highly evovled in their ecosystem but they are also at an evolutionary dead end. Because they are at a stone age level of basic technology andf their culture is as it is, there is only a slim chance that culturally they will evolve much further. Even if the humans weren’t there for the unobtainium the Na’vi would end up being an anthropological curiosity.

– The attitude of the scientists to the na’vi is so paternal it is unbelievable. they have tried to set up schools and give them medicine and teach them standard english. This is the attitude of the colonial era not of the near future. And yet the scientists are meant to be ‘the good guys”

-Finally if the mineral is so rare. the corporation weill be back but with more troops and with wepaonary that is not so effected by the flux. Can you say ‘orbital bombardment’ children.


What could have been a great movie, is in the end only an average one with the story letting it down major time. Cameron has made to Na’vi to be a mixure of Masai and indigenous americans and is not telling the future he’s re-telling the past. It’s a real shame as the premise of the networked ecosphere is great and the SFX are almost breathtaking. if the movie had been made three or four years ago then i’d have said ‘fair enough they’re slagging of haliburton and Bush’ but even then it would have been only half right.

Sherlock Holmes was much better and more original

Pace Edward Woodward

November 17, 2009

So another great actor has gone to the great RADA in the sky.

Whilst i will always enjoy ‘Breaker Morant’ it was ‘Callan’ that I thought was his best work.

A real shame and a great loss.


Farewell David Caradine

June 5, 2009

So very myterious goings on in Thailand with David Caradine being found strung up in his hotel room.

Interresting that there are reports saying that it was not suicide so there could be a chance of a bit of hankie panky going on, auto-asphixiation having claimed a few celebs in the past.

A sad ending to a very good actor.

Rest well David

A Road to Hell….Review of ‘Good’

April 15, 2009

We saw Viggo Mortensens new movie on Saturday–good/2009/04/09/1239222965193.html

For once I am in complete agreement with a SMH film reviewer, well except for the bit about pop songs..the pieces are actually by Mahler. Oh and that the idea thatthe mistress is vacuous, she is actually quite detemrined.

I found the movie to actually be quite deep for a Holywood flick and the main characters play their roles well (although the protagonists wife’s problem is never properly explained). What was interesting was the use of English actors throughout (although that might have been a bit of utilising ye olde Brits as baddies that the seppos are wont to do)

So if you want a WWfilm