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Chaz’s royal progress in Victoria..well almost

March 28, 2011

Transport wise this visit to Melbourne ran very well.

No delays on the flights, managed to baord really quickly. The downside was I got old 767’s each time so no choice in movies, so did a fair amount of reading.

Also the skybus was there waiting so made good time into town, another plus being no rain!

Got a good appt overlooking Movida & Earl Canteen, but unfortunately no flying fox to get me to either venue quickly :((

Lunch was a rather excellent roast pork bagette from Earl Canteen with a gorgeous salted caramel and dark choc tart to finish. I have to say that this place always seems to produce consistantly excellent food, and is a major reason to stay at the Mantra on Little Bourke.

Dinner was with JP, Soprano Grrl and JP’s young brother Jesse at an indian restaurant in Richmond. Also got to meet a work collegue of SG’s an up and coming tenor.

Chaz Day arrived and I had a great course on Office Interior Fitouts (which may not float your boat) the content was well presented, and the tutor was this hawt Russian woman which helped!

After the course finsihed I met up with Guru Bob and we went to this italain place for a reasonable lunch washed down by a cheeky Soave. So Chaz Day has really started!

Next up was Battle: Los Angeles which was not nearly as bad as expected and although it had a few minor technical errors it was worth scoring as well as a DVD buy when that time comes.

Then it was time to hit the pub and so we went to this little Oirish place just around the corner form the Mitre before heading to the desginated meeting spot.

And there we waited Guru Bob & I. Bug Naut turned up just after six but there was no sign of anyone else. Allegeldy Havsy has said he was running late and so was going straight home (wuss).

Then Bangar appears foirm deeper within the confines of the Mitre saying that He, Mayhem & Albion Love Den (better know as Ben) had been there for nearly an hour!

Anyway we made up for lost time until half seven when Naut had to go home. We then flowed accross Bank place and down into the Curry Vault.

The Dinner was reasonably priced and enjoyable. I knocked back most of a bottle of wine whilst everyone else went for beer. Mayhem made her excuses and went only to be rpelaced by Ben’s lovely wife (she helped me finish off the wine).

After dinner Bob, Bangar and myself went off in search of more booze but it being a tuesday night the CBD was quiet, so Bob got a taxi and Bangar & I went back to the oirish place until closing.

The next moring was a bit bright (for some reason) but the next course was not too hard and then it was tiem to meet up with Barnes and Guru Bob for lunch. in the end we dined at this swish place near to the library where most of the waitress’ seemed to be french. The food was a bit spare but all in all everything easy on the eye! I gave Barnes this pack of high grade coffee that I got specially for him (in WA) before we went our seperate ways.

The rest of the afternoon I spent chilling out with a bit of book purchasing. Had aquiet night in watching Tron: Evolution and then flew back out the next morning.

I felt it was a great Chaz Day and it was good to finally meet up with Ben & Mayhem. Havsy still hasn’t sent his apologies so better be badly injured of something! Bangar, Barnes and GB it was ever a pleasure to have some food, drink & a chat.

Anyway next up is probably Brisvegas unless ome work comes up in Sydney.


Chaz Day in Sydney

October 12, 2010

Well people and non-euclidean squigly things from beyond the stars it’s time for another Chaz Day in Sydney.

Date: 2nd December

I was thinking of holding it at Philips Foote, whcih’ll mean the drinks will be cheaper and also there are plenty of other bars to drink in later.

Also I think i’m staying in Walsh Bay so will be handy for me!!

As usual all are welcome with kick off at about 6pm.

BTW this will also give Sydney the chance to give Melb a good kicking after the pawltry turn out a few months ago at The Mitre Tavern!

So looking forward to a good burnt feed and booze!

BTW Marcela will not be able to make it this year as she’ll be in Buenos Aires!

Warning! warning! new Chaz day announced

May 30, 2009

Okay so it looks like the place in Sydney will settle in late July.

Sooooo it has been decided  that I will do the handover and instruct the managing agents and will be in the City on the Harbour for at least three days.

So it looks like we’ll get to celebrate Chaz day earlier than anticipated.

Normally I’d suggest BBQ Kng but I’ve been pretty dissapointed there and heard a lot of negative feedback recently as well. I was thinking of Philps Foote for a change. it’s relatively cheap and it’s always fun cooking you’re own steak. What say you Sydneysdiers?

Chaz Day in Brisbane (Final Confirmation)

March 16, 2009

Lads, lasses and non-eucalidian ectoplasms from Cygnus, the stars are near to their perfect alignment and Chaz is due to arrive in Brisbane tomorrow at 13:00 hrs Brisvegas time.

As agreed by blood oath we will have a baccanalian (?!) feast celebrating this sacred event  at Nataraja’s in Redhill at 19:30 hrs. Apparently it’s BYO so bring the liquor of your choice, although apparently there is a ‘no charteuse’ house policy as they feel it’s too gay…sorry Lermy!

To date the following fellow cultists have confirmed their presence for the rites…

Lerm (plus ‘guest’)

Domestic Daze and her husband of the century



Damian and Mrs Damian

Moko (no word on his wife..if she exists of course)

And of course me your host and the long suffering Marcela

The table is booked in the name of Chaz.

I look forward to seeing you all there but if anyone else wants to come they are welcome just call the restaurant and ask them to expand the table numbers.. no crank calls please Havock or Naut… Oh and an email to me would be nice.

Finally can anyone recommend a couple of palces to wander i town whilst we’re there for a quick trip on friday?

GC also looking forward to having coffee or something stronger on monday arvo.


23rd March is Chaz Day (only in Brisbane)

March 4, 2009

Okay lads and lasses.

So far Damian has come up with the firmest details that is a meet at 7:30pm at Nataraja’s in Redhill.

has anyone else got any suggestions?

JB (as you’re Mr Food critic)?

Obviously this is a blanket invite as well, so DD you’re just as welcome as Mick or Lerm. I know BBA will attend if he can. Nowhere Bob are you up for a trip into town? 

If we can get some numbers that would be great.

Chaz Day in Brisvegas

February 16, 2009

Okay it would seem that we’re up for the evening of the 23rd March. Ladies and partners are invited (as Marcela will also attending).

We’ll be staying in the CBD as far as I can tell. So what about a venue?

As it’s Brisvegas we’ll be going for something not too haute cuisine I assume (and also less punishing to the back pocket). Got any good steak places?

Lerm I take it you’ll be bringing along the neighbour to meet all your imaginary friends? !!!

I know it’s over a month to go but..Chaz Day in Brisbane!!

February 10, 2009

Ok guys I’ve had enough of the doom and gloom and after my 2nd succesful meet up the Melbournites, its’ time to turn my attention to the Brisbane Bogans….

I’d like to get us all together for one meal and maybe drinks.

Fly in on the 17th March but will be staying with my uncle out in the bush until we get my mother back on the plane on the 21st.

The 22nd is Marcela’s Bday so I guess that evening is out. As we fly out on the 24th. I guess the 23rd is the best.

Any ideas? of course i suppose the Scribe will want an input as well….

Melbourne Meat and Greet!!

January 6, 2009

So it looks like we have a plan…..

Dinner at the Butchers Grill at 141 Bourke street on the 5th February thats a thursday for those in the popcorn gallery. Obviously vegies are not going to feel comfortable!

Would like to book a table as there should be a minimum of 6 of us, so please let me know if you’re going to attend or not. For those of you not in the know this is not just for ex-Jspacers but also for WordPress or Blogspot persona’s who live in Sin City and want to find out what stranger creatures have washed up on your shores since the Great J-space Mass Extinction.

I’m thinking of a 18:30 kick off or should we go for 19:00?

Crossing the 32,000 feet

January 5, 2009

Okay for those of you unlucky enough to live in Melbourne, I’ll be visiting in the first week of Feb.

If all goes to plan I’ll fly in on the wed’s 4th, do my course on the 5th and fly back friday arvo.

As it looks like i’ll be flying the albino rat I don’t think it’s be a good idea to meet up on the weds night as Qantas’ reliabilty with regards to time keeping is crap.  So who’s for a feed and drinks on the thursday night?

If wed’s night is better for everyone let me know but it would be probably best for a 7pm kick off then. look I’m planning to be in town by 15:00 but with Qantas you just never know!!

Also are we going for ‘Cookie’ or do people fancy a meatfest at ‘Meat and Wine’? Naut do you want to sound out JP?

I’ll chuck out emails as well so that no-one gets left out!

Whither JSpace

December 22, 2008

So it seems that JSpace has had a slight anurism, which is a pain in the backside to say the least.

However to all my friends from Cheeseburger Gothic, Murphs pondering tree, Natalies Russian Spy files and al the many others i hope you find me here.