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Chaz’s royal progress in Victoria..well almost

March 28, 2011

Transport wise this visit to Melbourne ran very well.

No delays on the flights, managed to baord really quickly. The downside was I got old 767’s each time so no choice in movies, so did a fair amount of reading.

Also the skybus was there waiting so made good time into town, another plus being no rain!

Got a good appt overlooking Movida & Earl Canteen, but unfortunately no flying fox to get me to either venue quickly :((

Lunch was a rather excellent roast pork bagette from Earl Canteen with a gorgeous salted caramel and dark choc tart to finish. I have to say that this place always seems to produce consistantly excellent food, and is a major reason to stay at the Mantra on Little Bourke.

Dinner was with JP, Soprano Grrl and JP’s young brother Jesse at an indian restaurant in Richmond. Also got to meet a work collegue of SG’s an up and coming tenor.

Chaz Day arrived and I had a great course on Office Interior Fitouts (which may not float your boat) the content was well presented, and the tutor was this hawt Russian woman which helped!

After the course finsihed I met up with Guru Bob and we went to this italain place for a reasonable lunch washed down by a cheeky Soave. So Chaz Day has really started!

Next up was Battle: Los Angeles which was not nearly as bad as expected and although it had a few minor technical errors it was worth scoring as well as a DVD buy when that time comes.

Then it was time to hit the pub and so we went to this little Oirish place just around the corner form the Mitre before heading to the desginated meeting spot.

And there we waited Guru Bob & I. Bug Naut turned up just after six but there was no sign of anyone else. Allegeldy Havsy has said he was running late and so was going straight home (wuss).

Then Bangar appears foirm deeper within the confines of the Mitre saying that He, Mayhem & Albion Love Den (better know as Ben) had been there for nearly an hour!

Anyway we made up for lost time until half seven when Naut had to go home. We then flowed accross Bank place and down into the Curry Vault.

The Dinner was reasonably priced and enjoyable. I knocked back most of a bottle of wine whilst everyone else went for beer. Mayhem made her excuses and went only to be rpelaced by Ben’s lovely wife (she helped me finish off the wine).

After dinner Bob, Bangar and myself went off in search of more booze but it being a tuesday night the CBD was quiet, so Bob got a taxi and Bangar & I went back to the oirish place until closing.

The next moring was a bit bright (for some reason) but the next course was not too hard and then it was tiem to meet up with Barnes and Guru Bob for lunch. in the end we dined at this swish place near to the library where most of the waitress’ seemed to be french. The food was a bit spare but all in all everything easy on the eye! I gave Barnes this pack of high grade coffee that I got specially for him (in WA) before we went our seperate ways.

The rest of the afternoon I spent chilling out with a bit of book purchasing. Had aquiet night in watching Tron: Evolution and then flew back out the next morning.

I felt it was a great Chaz Day and it was good to finally meet up with Ben & Mayhem. Havsy still hasn’t sent his apologies so better be badly injured of something! Bangar, Barnes and GB it was ever a pleasure to have some food, drink & a chat.

Anyway next up is probably Brisvegas unless ome work comes up in Sydney.


Prion 13

August 28, 2010

After much thought I have decided not to try and get this short story published.

Guidance from Flinthart leads me to believe that the style and twists are a bit too self indulgent.

Ammended 29/08/10

Parts 1 & 2 are now up. Enjoy.

Revenge of the Greenies

March 10, 2010

Keep getting this idea for an TEOFTWAWKI story revolving around  a group of environmentalists using Bioweapons to remove the human stain….

The main stumbling block is how likely would anyone think that a severe degredation of the human race would be a benefit.

Take for example Sea Shepard, whilst they have good reason to hate the Japanese whalers they have always used non-lethal tactics.

Although anti-vivsectionists have a less than shining record….

With the shadow of the GFC, and the failiure of Copenhagen and it seems a general lessening of interest in AGW by the worlds public would this be enough to tip people with the means to develop (or steal) something nasty into an actual act of attempted genocide?

We saw Tom Clancey try that vein in Rainbow 6 but it was not very well explained, and would the perpertrators want to live in the new world they created or would they just want a general gotterdamrung?

new blogs of the dead post

December 23, 2009

Yep the xmas season is not complete without Zombies, so the next part of Blogs of the Dead is now up


The dead rise

December 13, 2009

Pt 3 of blogs of the dead is now on my blogspot page


Writing about the End of the World

October 8, 2009

Most people who aren’t into ‘serious literature’  or ‘chick lit’ like novels about TEOTWAWKI. However much of said fiction tends not to satify. For every ‘The Stand’ or ‘The Road’ there are many stories that fall by the wayside.

Sometimes it pays to be simple, but you have to be sure that you are answering or at least allaying your readers queries.

1, Is it really the end of the world or just your part of it?

Birmo’s ‘Without Warning’ is a great example of what happens when things go slighty awry for part of the world. Especially when that part is the worlds only super power. The ripple effects are quite deadly for the rest of the world. However civilisation hangs on in a recognisable form for the parts that matter (apols to the 2nd and third world). He makes no attempt to explain the event and only he and the so called ‘circle of trust’ know if it is even partly explained in his next novel “After America”.

To make an apocalyptic storyline really good is not so much the feasiblity of the event (lice from mutant space bats for example) it’s how the whole world is effected. This does not have to be fully described but the writer needs to know themselves as hints can be sprinkled like little Nestle choccy eggs through the storyline. Also there is the fun of smirking when on a panel and a fan asks questions. You have to take into consdieration that any event that has a negative outcome for the USA, Russia, Europe and parts of Asia is going to have very bad consequences for the rest of the world.

Whether this is radioactive fallout, rampaging  redneck Zombies crossing the Rio Grande heading south or an end to aid and medical supplies to Africa, things are going to get ugly quickly.  You have to remeber that a sizeable proportion of the world relies on the 1st world for food and supplies and if they don’t arrive… well things could get really really bad!

2, Weapons of Choice 

Now once the apocalypse has happened and the rule of law has, shall we say become useful firemaking equipment, one needs to defend oneself and ones nearest and dearest. Oh and your food supplies, and fuel supplies, and booze etc etc. Now weaponary and implements of destruction do not grow on trees (unless you only want to use branches as weapons). So you have to source that stuff and in the case of firearms also get the right ammo.

The irony is that the area with the highest conentration of armenents is not the ‘Stan or the USA it’s Europe. This is due to the presence of a number of standing armies, so whilst civilian arms may be lighter on the ground than in the good ol US of A. there’s tons of bang bangs from side arms to SRBM’s. Thats something to think about…

3, The world as we ‘know’ it.

The herein lies the rub, how real is our knowledge of the world and what surprises may come out of from beneath the bed once alot of the world population have ceased to be alive. Ghosts, werewolves, little green aliens from Alpha Centauri on a Galactic Kontiki Tour?  The possibilites are long as you have a reason.

This sort of twist in the tale could make life very difficult for your survivalist hero and his (or her) squeeze.

4, Who survives?

One of the mainstays of apocalyptic lit is the mismatched protagonists that cover any stereotype you could wish to wave a rainforest at. The crux of this question is based very much on the nature of the event. In the event of danger humans will congregate together, it’s only natural part of our primative instatinct for survival. To actively try to stay alone is not natural.

The intial survivors can of course be anyone, people who are left handed, red heads, those who are too lazy to get up at 2am to watch a pretty meteor shower etc etc. however how long they actualy survive or could survive is another matter. ironically the people most likely to survive are farmers not SPECFOR troops. Why? because they usually have some form of ability with firearms, they know how to grow food and often know how survive hardship. To a certain degree most people can forage or scavange but to successfully survive you have to replace the food you eat.

5, Eating

Without food (and of course drink) we die, it’s a basic tenet of biological thermodynamics and of course the Kreb cycle. Now fortunately (and of course thanks to Napoleon) we preserve alot of food in tins which can last a long time, also most packaged food can be safely consumed long after the due date (assuming its not raw of course). However as i pointed out above to survive long term you need to grow food. Now of course depending on what form the end of the world takes that may be relatively simple or it could be very hard (say in a nuclear winter or such like). now if you’re writing  a feel good story such as ‘The Road’ then long term survival of your protagonists probably won’t happen. But in other scenarrios it is possible, although how long the human race would continue is another matter.

6, Medicine

Part of that is because we have become so used to medical assistance being on tap, except of course in the areas which probably will fall quickly anyway. Now we are lucky that there are tens of thousands of copies of Gray’s Anatomy in bookshops around the world along with accompanying volumes on all facets of medicine, and of course all those hospitals have lots of useful drugs and gear (unless of course you live near Royal North Syndey). However you still have to be able to use them safely. And there’s the actual practial application of the book knowledge. And how many of us could deliver a baby? Hmm makes you wish you did at least some pre-med at Uni eh? or married that nurse rather than shagged her room mate….

7, Getting around

Then of course there’s the matter of transport. Now petrol will of course run out pretty quickly. So it comes down to  who knows how to crack off crude oil or who knows how to convert over to ethanol. I suppose you could learn to ride…although horse tastes good. The issue is that vehicles have become more and more complex so unless one of your protagonists either rebuilds old cars (like from the 70’s) you’re going to be going back to the horse and cart pretty quick, oh and for early car’s don’t forget your lead additives as we’ve all gone lead free….

Now for those with real wanderlust you could always sail away to a tropical island, or my fave ‘borrow’ a SSN or SSBN. But where is really safe?

8, The earth abides

Now life is pretty tenancious, and as  ‘the world without us’ correctly points out, our cities will quickly become overgrown and whilst some species will die off pretty much after a shortwhile (larger vermin and cockroaches) others will stay strong, yes cats may well inherit the earth. 

Now how long it will take domestic animals to go feral is not really rocket science as we know it happens pretty quickly but at lease in many areas stock will survive. and salties will once again roam through Cairns!

9, Humanity’s legacy

One problem is that we humans have been a bit messy in our rise. There’s lots of nuke plants (some not too well built) and lots of chemical and Oil refineries just waiting to go up in smoke as soon as we stop looking after them. So don’t bother with alot of texas y’all.

So if the zombies don’t get you the wild fires or pollutants might…

10, Conclusion

Whilst you don’t have to put every detail in, you do need to plan and know whats going on even if it never makes the story. I hope this little post has been of some use to both potential apoclypse writers and their critics.

Finally some proper scientific research..

August 17, 2009

On how to survive the zombipocalypse!!

What is dissapointing is that CSIRO are not at the forefront of this sort of research. I would also like to see more weapons research being done but with the introduction of Remingtons 6.8 SPC maybe this has already been done.

However there are added threats coming our way.