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NaNoWriMo is getting closer

August 17, 2011

After only managing 10% in last years NaNoWriMo I’m determined to make a better show of things this year.

Therefore I need to start prepping about now so I can start writing from the word go.

Am at a loss though what to go for this year.

A, Sci-Fi


B, Fantasy

taking a quick rest from

C, Apocalytic Horror

decisions, decisions……..



November 15, 2010

Well I’ve failed at my first attempt for NaNoWriMo, real life has intruded far to much and so far I’ve only written a grand total of 6K. That means pumping out 44K in less than 20 days. & I can tell you now that is not going to happen.

Its a shame really as I’m enjoying the bleak wilderness that is post apocalyptic London. The Purebloods living the life of luxury in kensington gardens. The Voudons in southern London experimenting with the ‘near dead’ and the ghouls (the cause of apocalypse) slowly building their own kingdom in the warren of tunnels that run under Londons ancient streets.

So i’m going to keep on writing the story but it won’t be finished by the end of november.

Demise of the red beret

September 10, 2010

A question to all you armchair strategists out there.

Is a full on air assault by parachute troops still an option?

Or is a two pronged limited air assault to secure a landing zone, followed by troops landing by air transport more feasible?


Prion 13

August 28, 2010

After much thought I have decided not to try and get this short story published.

Guidance from Flinthart leads me to believe that the style and twists are a bit too self indulgent.

Ammended 29/08/10

Parts 1 & 2 are now up. Enjoy.

Chaz Day in Melbourne ’10

August 13, 2010

Well people its now official.

Chaz Day in Melbourne this year will be on Sept 2nd.

Now as a venue Guru bob has suggested this place:

I had thought about Blue Fire in the Docklands but have read a number of poor reviews.

other options are:

The Mitre :

Squires Loft:

or the immortal Vlados: 

So I’m open to peoples suggestions..within reason.

So start saving your pennies!

Sorry to Dissapoint…

July 22, 2010

But I am still around.

Don’t groan all at once!

Am moving along with my short story in the South Atlantic.

On monday am meeting the feared DrejCommand for tapas as he’s down from the torpical north. So its basically Chaz Day in Perth (as Drej are energy based creatures they can’t have a day of their own).

And the next thing on the horizon is Chaz Day in Melbourne. Am awaiting confirmation from JP as to Fox 5’s launch date and then I can book my flights and accomodation.

At the moment if things mirror last year. It will be the end of the last week of August. I’ll come over on the thursday and we’ll celebrate  Chaz Day that night. It’s looking like BlueFire at Docklands will be the venue. Due to a reasonable price and huge portion sizes.

Guru Bob and Barnes are suggesting chinese dumplings for lunch on the friday plus the chance of some gaming. Orin seems to in for that as well.

Then i’ll fly back on the sunday, but not the early flight this time!

Oh and saw “Predators” the other day, much more enjoyable than that other human/alien interaction movie “Avatar”. However still not convinced that an AA-12 is a realistic field weapon.

Revenge of the Greenies

March 10, 2010

Keep getting this idea for an TEOFTWAWKI story revolving around  a group of environmentalists using Bioweapons to remove the human stain….

The main stumbling block is how likely would anyone think that a severe degredation of the human race would be a benefit.

Take for example Sea Shepard, whilst they have good reason to hate the Japanese whalers they have always used non-lethal tactics.

Although anti-vivsectionists have a less than shining record….

With the shadow of the GFC, and the failiure of Copenhagen and it seems a general lessening of interest in AGW by the worlds public would this be enough to tip people with the means to develop (or steal) something nasty into an actual act of attempted genocide?

We saw Tom Clancey try that vein in Rainbow 6 but it was not very well explained, and would the perpertrators want to live in the new world they created or would they just want a general gotterdamrung?

New WW fanfic

March 3, 2010

Savo has kindly posted the 2nd part of ‘Sur la Plage’ at the miniburger.

Also I’ve posted the whole thing over at Writers Cramp.


First dictated post using Dragon

February 7, 2010

Okay, so this is the first of my blogs that I’m dictating by Dragon.

Well last night was less than impressive I have to say. It seemed that something as simple as a table plan for a meal that was planned over two months ago, can be a hard thing to get right. So in the end I spent nearly half the evening standing up, but fortunately they tended to be enough waiters around to keep the supplied with sparkling wine.

The CEO of my wife’s company was suitably embarrassed and I ended up sitting at his place on the top table big some of his quite pleasant wine. I of course maintained a suitably cool and collected exterior throughout the whole rigmarole, and I hope managed to get from Marcella a firm promise that I will be able to hold Chaz day in Brisbane later on this year!

After all the presentations finished, the music started adaptable buildup sons myself as I don’t want to risk screwing my leg up again after the pain in my hip had finally gone away on Friday. Naturally I wasn’t too impressed when Marcella started to make a bit of a fuss because I didn’t want to go have a dance!

Obviously by this time I was starting to get slightly bored, so I started to make a few subtle hints it could be a good idea to move on. It’s still took nearly half an hour for us to leave, and head off to the casino. Unfortunately Cliff Richard was also having a concert at the complex that evening so the place was heaving with oldies!

Anyway moving away from the areas frequented by the hoi polloi, Marcella and I hit the roulette tables and after about an hour had made a 200% profit! Which unfortunately taking into consideration Marsalis hairdressing bill of the afternoon and the cab fares to and from Burswood, meant that at least we did not finish the day on a loss!

So anyway, I am finding that Dragon is not that hard to use, but I am finding that I need to relearn how to dictate as it’s been nearly 6 years now, since I had a secretary who did all my typing for me!

 Well, time for lunch, and a short session of Mass Effect 2 before trying to do some more work using Dragon. Mainly I want to see exactly how much I can create compared with typing.

new blogs of the dead post

December 23, 2009

Yep the xmas season is not complete without Zombies, so the next part of Blogs of the Dead is now up